The Columbia Point Dawgs’ Williams family crew led the Boston street gang’s expansion north, establishing its drug pipeline into Maine close to two decades ago. The Williams crew is headed by brothers Demetrius (Troll) Williams and Yancey (Young’n Yance) Williams and their father, Yancey (Poppa Yance) Calhoun, one of the original founders of the “CPD” organization.

Federal court files and law enforcement records demonstrate the prominent role the Williams family played in CPD expansion efforts:

Other than CPD bosses, the Berry brothers (Tony and Willie), the Williams clan holds the most weight in the gang founded in the late 1980s inside the now-defunct Columbia Point Housing Projects located on the Dorchester Bay Peninsula in Dorchester, Massachusetts. The CPD gang sprung up in 1988 in the wake of the downfall of the Bomb Boys, also known as the H2o Crew, which was a satellite faction of Detroit’s Young Boys, Incorporated gang.

By the late 1990s, the Columbia Point Dawgs had begun pushing into other regions of Massachusetts and to out-of-state locales like Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut. More recently, CPD created outposts down south in Georgia, North Carolina and Kentucky. Known as the biggest street gang in the Northeast, the Columbia Point Dawgs traffic in cocaine, heroin and oxycodone pills.

In June 2015, almost 50 CPD members and shot callers were indicted in a wide-ranging federal narcotics conspiracy. Troll Williams, 30, pled guilty to the charges and was sentenced to 12 years in prison back in the fall. Supply lieutenant David (Slimey Dave) Coke got slapped with a five-year term last week.

Starting in 2001, Poppa Yance Calhoun, began looking after CPD affairs in Portland, Maine. Brandi (Breezy) Williams, Poppa Yance’s nephew, and David (Super Dave) Jones, a top associate of the Williams family, were tasked with running day-to-day operations in the Boston area.

Around the same time their father was putting out a CPD shingle in Maine, the Williams brothers were placed in charge of forging alliances with other Boston street factions by CPD administrators in order to further expand the CPD brand. They quickly joined forces with groups such as the “H Block Gang,” the “Mission Hill Gang,” the “Wilmington Street Gang,” and the Hispanic “Latin Kings.”

To hide its money, CPD financed the start of two rap music labels, 8 Bus Records and Waterboyz Records. Activity within the local hip hop industry caused a rift with rival street gangs, including the Orchard Park Trailblazers and the Greenwood Street Packers Posse. The rivalries broke into a shooting war in the summer of 2014.

Troll Williams survived an assassination attempt on December 26, 2014 when he was shot while leaving a Williams crew “trap house” and was getting into his Mercedes-Benz. The attempt on Troll Williams’ life was allegedly in retaliation for a shootout the previous August his brother Youn’n Yance had gotten into with members of the Greenwood Street Packers Posse.


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