New Line Cinema has purchased the rights to a film prequel for the groundbreaking television series The Sopranos. As could have been expected, fans are in a fervor of anticipation and longing for any nuggets of information regarding this development.

Last week, the show’s creator David Chase sold New Line his screenplay for a movie called The Many Saints of Newark, set in the same fictional New Jersey underworld occupied by mob don Tony Soprano and his DiMeo crime family, but instead of the action taking place during the dawning of the New Millennium in the 2000s, it’s the summer of 1967 and the area is engulfed in a raging race riot. The show’s first-season touched on the time period in flashbacks. The Sopranos ran on HBO from 1999 until 2007, lauded by critics and loved by viewers far and wide.

According to sources close to the negotiation of the sale of Chase’s newly-penned screenplay, many characters from original show’s canon, both prominent and more peripheral, will be shown on screen in the upcoming film. Below are a list of fictional New Jersey mafia figures characters either seen or referenced in the iconic premium-cable series, which was the first of its kind and the spawned the age of the anti-hero on TV, that may appear in The Many Saints of Newark.

Giovanni (Johnny Boy) Soprano — DiMeo crime family captain and Tony Soprano’s dad

Corrado (Junior) Soprano — DiMeo crime family soldier and Johnny Boy’s brother and right-hand man

Domenico (Eckley) DiMeo — The Godfather of the DiMeo crime family

Joe (Beppy) Sasso — DiMeo crime family soldier and Junior Soprano’s driver

Dickie Moltisanti — DiMeo crime family soldier and Johnny Boy’s gangland mentor

Mich’ele (Feech) LaManna — DiMeo crime family captain

Patrizio (Uncle Pat) Blundetto — DiMeo crime family soldier

Robert (Bobby Baccala) Baccalieri, Sr. — DiMeo crime family enforcer

Herman (Hesh) Rabkin — Jewish bookmaker, loanshark and businessman close to the Soprano brothers

Paul (Paulie Walnuts) Gualtieri — Soprano crew member and Johnny Boy’s driver and bodyguard

Salvatore (Big Pussy) Bompenserio — Soprano crew member

Raymond (Buffalo Ray) Curto — DiMeo crime family soldier

Lorenzo (Larry Boy) Barese — DiMeo crime family soldier

Richard (Itchy Richie) Aprile — DiMeo crime family soldier and enforcer

Augusto (Little Augie) Aprile  — DiMeo crime family soldier

Gerard (Fat Jerry) Anastasia — DiMeo crime family captain

Anthony (Little Pussy) Malanga — DiMeo crime family soldier

Carmine Lupertazzi — New York mafia boss

John (Johnny Sack) Saccramoni — New York mob soldier

Phil Leotardo — New York mob soldier

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