Web Of Loyalty: Avengers MC’s ‘Spiderman’ Looking At Life For Home Invasion Ring, Won’t Turn On Club

Smoggy Flint, Michigan is a factory town about 50 miles north of Detroit. These days you could get away with calling it a heist town. Avengers Motorcycle Club member Donald (Spiderman) Huntley was indicted in Flint last week for running one of the largest home invasion rings in Michigan history. The 31-count indictment includes firearm violations, continuing criminal enterprise and safe cracking charges.

Huntley was arrested in June 2015 fleeing the scene of a home invasion. Facing life behind bars if convicted, he led police on an hour-long chase before being apprehended on a motorbike. A subsequent search of his home – questions have arisen about the validity of the search warrant – unearthed three unregistered guns and ammunition.

Exclusive sources tell Gangster Report authorities have been pressing Huntley for information on an unsolved homicide from four years ago to no avail.

“There’s no budging in this guy, he’s like a rock,” said a source in law enforcement.

On January 13, 2012, Shane Bartels, the wife of Avengers MC member Frank (Dr. Frankenstein) Bartels, was murdered at the couple’s south side Flint residence. Initially, Bartels’ death was ruled a suicide. Frank Bartels presented what he called a suicide note to responding police officers. The cops weren’t convinced and got a search warrant for the premises, finding four stolen weapons.

Shane Bartels’ official cause of death was ruled as asphyxiation. “Dr. Frankenstein” Bartels pled guilty to receiving stolen property and illegal firearm possession in 2013, admitting to having fellow Avengers MC member Raymond (Superman) Scarbrough falsify an affidavit claiming the weapons in question were his.

The Avengers are a club based in the Midwest with multiple chapters in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and West Virginia. Other notorious clubs like the Outlaws, the Highwaymen and the Devil’s Diciples have absorbed major busts in Michigan over the past decade. Bitter rivals, the Outlaws and the Highwaymen are the two biggest motorcycle clubs in the state.


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