Top 30 Gangster Movie Villains of All-Time (30-20)


aty20 “Bed Bug Eddie” Grant

Movie: The Pope of Greenwich Village (1984)

Actor: Burt Young

Crime File: Appendage-chopping Italian mob capo in New York’s Greenwich Village neighborhood that rules with an iron fist and unmercifully lays the law down, even with relatives of his own crew members

Famous Quote: “I like you, kid, you have balls, I can’t get too mad at that ‘cuz I respect it”


21 Brad Whitewood, Sr.atu

Movie : At Close Range (1986)

Actor: Christopher Walken

Crime File: Ruthless rural Pennsylvania rackets boss that headed a ragtag “redneck mafia” of family members and associates in the 1970s, eventually turning his wrath on his own sons

Famous Quote: “You scared, yet, ya outta be”


22 Jackie Flannery atw

Movie: State of Grace (1992)

Actor: Gary Oldman

Crime File: Hot-tempered Hell’s Kitchen Irish mob enforcer and younger brother to New York City’s “Westies mafia” boss Frankie Flannery

Famous Quote: “The last guinea that walked around these parts was Columbus, and he only lasted a week”

23 Richie Kusak aqo

Movie: A History of Violence (2005)

Actor: William Hurt

Crime File: Philadelphia Irish mob boss with a sense of humor and a cold-blooded nature that leads him to stalk and try to kill his own brother, living in hiding in Indiana.

Famous Quote: “You’ve always been a problem for me Joey. When Mom bought you home from the hospital, I tried to strangle you in your crib.”

24 Joey Zasaaxc

Movie: The Godfather Pt. 3 (1990)

Actor: Joe Mantegna

Crime File: New York Mafioso with swagger, eyes set on becoming ‘Boss of Bosses’ and little regard for the gangland old guard in the mold of real-life Gambino Crime Family Boss John (The Dapper Don) Gotti, who the character was allegedly inspired by

Famous Quote: “I say to all of you on this day that I’ve been treated with no respect. I’ve earned you money, I’ve made you rich and I’ve asked for little. Good. So, you will not give, I will take!”

25 Rico Bandello aer

Movie: Little Caesar (1931)

Actor: Edward G. Robinson

Crime File: Fearless Eastcoast Italian mobster that rises to prominence during Prohibition and oversees his gang with a heavy hand

Famous Quote: “If you aint out of town by tomorrow night, you ain’t ever leaving, except in a pine box”

26 Tom Powersaqh

Movie: The Public Enemy (1931)

Actor: James Cagney

Crime File: Trigger-happy Chicago Prohibition Era hoodlum that goes to war for gangland supremacy in the ranks of the Windy City mob

Famous Quote: “Why that dirty, no-good, yellow-bellied stool, I’m gonna give it to him right in the head the next time I see him”

27 Arthur “Cody” Jarrett aquu

Movie: White Heat (1949)

Actor: James Cagney

Crime File: Mother-obsessed, sociopath convict and former underworld leader that busts out of prison and reunites with his old gang to boost a safe at a local chemical plant

Famous Quote: “Made it, Ma, top of the world”

28 William “Rocky” Sullivan aqe

Movie: Angels with Dirty Faces (1938)

Actor: James Cagney

Crime File: Recently-released Hell’s Kitchen Irish mobster looking to take back his rackets in the old neighborhood

Famous Quote: “Good morning, gentlemen, nice day for a murder,”

29 Tony Camonte aaa

Movie: Scarface (1932)

Actor: Paul Muni

Crime File: Ambitious, power-hungry Italian mobster in Chicago during Prohibition Era that kills his way to the top of the Windy City underworld

Famous Quote: “Listen, little man, in this business there’s only one law you gotta follow to keep out of trouble – Do it first, do it yourself and keep doing it”

30 Fergus “Fergie the Florist” Colmaqwe

Movie: The Town (2010)

Actor: Peter Postlethwaite

Crime File: Irish mob boss of Charlestown, the rugged Boston bandit-breeding ground that spawns bank robbers and professional criminals at a high rate and tells it like it is

Famous Quote: “Taking down the cathedral of Boston….priceless!”



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