The Quasand (Q-Dawg) Lewis drug organization was a true force to be reckoned with in the Metro Detroit underworld of the early 2000s. Lewis, 48, was the Motor City’s most prominent marijuana kingpin at the dawning of the New Millennium, making tens of millions of dollars slinging his leafy product from the dark alleys of the inner city to the rolling hills of the area’s poshest suburbs.

Last week, Lewis was released from federal prison to a halfway house in Florida following a 13-year stay as a guest of the government. In the summer of 2005, Lewis and almost three dozen of his workers went down in the Operation Falling Star case. Authorities seized 9,000 pounds of weed in raids and estimated the dope crew cleared close to $200,000,000 in net profit.

Breaking down Lewis’ drug empire man-by-man:

Quasand (Q-Dawg) Lewis — Founder and boss of the Lewis drug organization

Edward (Lemon) Walker — Lewis’ second-in-command

Saeeda (Sissy) Walker — Lewis girlfriend, top advisor and Lemon Walker’s sister

Giovanni (Big G) Ruanova — Lewis wholesale connection, responsible for arranging and overseeing shipments of marijuana from Mexico to Detroit via Arizona

*Remains a fugitive of justice to this very day

Lavert (Vicious Vito) Dafney — Lewis’ bodyguard, driver and right-hand man

Robin (Slick) Wilson — Lemon Walker’s right-hand man

Lamont (L-Boogie) Paris — Leader of the Lewis organization’s enforcement wing known as the “Connecticut Boys”

*The moniker came from the fact that Paris and his crew often rocked University of Connecticut Huskies men’s basketball gear

Rhashi (Heartless) Harris — Paris’ right-hand man

Raymond (Red Ray) Amerson — Managed the Lewis organization’s stash houses and coordinated the group’s distribution routes

Jamil (Ice Cream Cone) Carter — One of Lewis’ main lieutenants

McKinley (Big Mac) Tigner — One of Lewis’ main lieutenants

Jason (Jamming Jay) Anderson — One of Lewis’ main lieutenants

Jason (Little Jay) Jenkins –One of Lewis’ main lieutenants

David (Baby D) Watson — One of Lewis’ main lieutenants

Mark (King) Saldate — One of Lemon Walker’s main enforcers

Brian (B-Cuz) Smith — One of Lemon Walker’s main enforcers

Jeff (Willow) Redmond — One of Lemon Walker’s main enforcers



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