The Philadelphia Junior Black Mafia Murder List: Aaron Jones & JBM Killed The Comp In Late ’80s


Aaron (A.J.) Jones founded the Philadelphia Junior Black Mafia in 1985. As a young boy in the 1970s, Jones had been an errand boy for original Philly Black Mafia chief Robert (Nudie) Mims. The “JBM” went on to dominate the crack cocaine trade in North and West Philadelphia for the better part of a decade. They became famous for telling competitors to “get down or lay down,” meaning either join them or risk death in opposing them.

Bodies dropped frequently in the 1980s, as Jones and JBM fought wars against rival organization’s led by Albert Ragen and Craig Haynes and experienced internal strife with some members turning informant and others taking aim for the crown themselves. Between 1988 and 1990, more than a dozen gangland slayings were attributed to JBM affairs.

The Junior Black Mafia Murder Timeline (1988-1990)

March 26, 1988 – Drug gang boss Albert (A-Train) Ragen is gunned down.

April 2, 1988 – Ragen crew member Dennis Caldwell is killed.

April 9, 1988 – Ragen crew member Brock White is slain.

April 16, 1988 –Ragen crew member James Tate is murdered.

July 12, 1988 – Philly drug world figure Mark Lisby is shot to death by JBM enforcer Anthony (Big Tone) Reid in front of his home over a $100 debt.

January 2, 1989 – JBM lieutenant Timmy (King Aquil) Kite is killed.

February 2, 1989 –JBM member James (Suss Dog) Susswell is gunned down

by Haynes crew hitmen.

March 13, 1989 – JBM soldier Neil (Phil Fresh) Wilkinson is shot to death by Big Tone Reid for the belief that Wilkinson was a confidential informant for the DEA. Wilkinson’s JBM running buddy, Darryl (Hickey Mo) Woods was paralyzed in the attack.

March 18, 1989 – Teenager Michael Waters is shot to death by Big Tone Reid after Waters hit Reid’s car with a snowball.

March 26, 1989 – JBM West Philadelphia lieutenant Reggie (Rolls Royce Reg) Rittenburg is killed following being caught stealing from drug proceeds.

June 29, 1989 –JBM lieutenant Eric (E-Money) Hurst is killed by Haynes crew hitmen.

July 11, 1989 – Innocent bystander Willie Bowman is killed when JBM enforcer Christopher (Dirty Black) Laster opens fire on a South Philly street corner aiming at a crew of dope boys refusing to pay JBM rent on their turf.

August 10, 1989 – JBM lieutenant Donnie (D-Bone) Branch, who acted as one of Aaron Jones’ bodyguard, is killed in a failed assassination of Jones when Haynes crew gunmen open fire on Jones’ entourage.

September 16, 1989 – Haynes crew member Anthony Anderson, one of the suspected shooters in Branch’s murder, is found slain.

May 14, 1990 – JBM acting boss LeRoy (Bucky) Davis is shot to death on the front porch of a row house in West Philly by his successor Brian (Moochie) Thornton because an imprisoned Jones learned of Bucky Davis’ plans for a palace coup.

June 10, 1990 – Motorist Greg Jackson is pistol whipped and killed execution style in front of his wife by Eric (Little Hawk) Watkins, Moochie Thornton’s driver and bodyguard, in a road rage altercation which takes place in broad daylight in North Philly.

August 18, 1990 – JBM lieutenant Bruce Kennedy is shot to death behind the counter of his market in West Philadelphia for allegedly romancing Aaron Jones’ girlfriend while he was behind bars.