New York biker gang leader Doug (Doc) Youmans was paroled from prison this month after serving almost seven years as a guest of the federal government for racketeering and narcotics trafficking. At the time of his arrest, the 54-year old Youmans was the vice president of the Pagan’s Motorcycle Club’s chapter in the Catskills Mountains. He’s residing in a halfway house until late July.

Doc Youmans and then-Pagan’s Sullivan County, New York boss Tracy (L-Train) Lahey were the top two targets and headlining defendants in Operation On The Road Again, a joint FBI, DEA and ATF probe resulting in a 31-count indictment, charging more than a dozen New York and New Jersey Pagans for murder, drugs, extortion, witness intimidation, weapons violations and engaging in a multi-state racketeering conspiracy, which dropped in September 2010. All 17 defendants in the case were found guilty.

Interestingly, Youmans and the Pagan’s in the Catskills Mountains region partnered with the Mongols Motorcycle Club in a drug-dealing enterprise moving cocaine and prescription painkillers. Youmans worked directly with the Mongols’ liaison to the operation, Robert (Comanche) Santiago. In 2009, Youmans made a hand-to-hand sale of cocaine to an undercover federal agent

Lahey, 40, and Santiago, 50, were released from prison in July and October of  2014, respectively. Santiago was a member of the Mongols’ South Side New York chapter, the west coast-based club’s lone satellite in the Empire State. The Pagan’s are headquartered in Pennsylvania.

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