Mob In ChiTown Will Be One Short In Muscle Dept. For Next Few Yrs. As Carparelli Has Sentence Handed Down

Chicago wiseguy Paulie Carparelli didn’t beat his federal extortion case, but he did get a significantly lesser prison sentence than the government had requested for dispatching a group of thugs to beat the outstanding debts out of an associate’s business rivals living in multiple states. The chubby 47-year old racketeer and reputed member of the Windy City mafia’s powerful Cicero crew was sentenced to three and a half years in U.S. District Court in Chicago this week, less than half of what prosecutors were asking for. Prosecutors sought an 11-year term.

Carparelli violated his bond last spring for threatening a potential witness and was jailed in April. He pled guilty to the 2013 indictment in May and admitted dealing with anger-management problems in front of Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman this week while receiving his punishment.

The case stemmed from Carparelli attempting to collect money owed to a suburban Chicago printer friend of his in out-of-state destinations such as New Jersey, Nevada, Florida and Wisconsin. One of the goons Carparelli tasked with the assignment, 300-pound mixed martial artist George Brown turned informant and began recording conversations with Carparelli for the FBI.

Paulie Carparelli

Paulie Carparelli

A portion of those recordings were played in open court at his sentencing. Amongst the audio surveillance collected by authorities, Carparelli is heard bragging to Brown about being asked and paid by alleged acting Outfit mob don Salvatore (Solly D) DeLaurentis and a high-level associate of DeLaurentis’ named Michael (Mickey D) Davis to break another debtor’s legs.

Davis was sentenced to four years behind bars in an unrelated extortion case back in the summer. Neither Carparelli nor Solly D was indicted alongside Davis, also closely tied to longtime ChiTown Godfather John (Johnny No Nose) DiFronzo and his brother Peter (Greedy Petey) DiFronzo, an Elmwood Park capo, both semiretired. Per sources, Carparelli was called into a meeting in the wake of his 2013 arrest and warned by Solly D and Greedy Petey DiFronzo to clean up his drug habit – he was caught with cocaine on his person during the collar and tested positive for use of the narcotic known for causing the downfalll of countless Mafiosi through time.

DeLaurentis, the reputed daily overseer of the Outfit since around 2011, is from the Lake County wing of the crime family’s Cicero crew, the same faction Carparelli spawns from. According to Chicago Crime Commission files and court documents, Carparelli is a part of a group of under-50 Goodfellas imprisoned former Outfit acting boss Michael (Fat Mike) Sarno brought into the fold in the Cicero regime in the 2000s. Sarno has been locked up a little more than five years on his own extortion and racketeering conviction.

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