In the 1980s, the Supreme Team was the most well-known, prolific and feared drug-dealing organization on the east coast, operating out of the Baisley Park Projects in Queens, New York. The gang was started by Kenny (Supreme) McGriff at the beginning of the crack era and eventually swelled to include hundreds of workers, dealers and enforcers. At its peak, the Supreme Team was clearing hundreds of thousands of dollars a day in sales.

By the early 1990s though, the group was gone, dismantled via federal indictments and the incarceration of most of its members. But decades later, the legacy the “Team” and its leaders and major players created, has endured, cementing them as genuine underworld icons.

Let’s take a look at how the organization was structured:


Kenny (Supreme) McGriff – The magnetic, business-minded founder and boss of the Supreme Team

Gerald (Prince) Miller – Supreme’s cowboy of a nephew, his second-in-command and main enforcer

James (Bimmy) Antney – One of four crew bosses in the organization and the third-in-charge of the Supreme Team, who would run things when Supreme and Prince were behind bars

Colbert (Black Justice) Johnson – One of the four crew bosses on the Supreme Team

Troy (Baby Wise) Jones – One of the four crew bosses on the Supreme Team

Ernesto (Puerto Rican Righteous) Pinella – The Supreme Team’s head of security

Wilfredo (C-Justice) Arroyo – Prince Miller’s right-hand man

Harry (Big C) Hunt – Prince Miller’s bodyguard, driver and primary muscle

Nate (Green Eyed Born) May — Supreme’s original right-hand man turned rival

Phillip (Dahlu) Banks — Supreme’s main message relayer

David (Bing) Robinson – The Supreme Team’s bookkeeper and “ledger boss”

Raymond (Ace) Robinson – The Supreme Team’s processing supervisor

Trent (Serious) Morris – The Supreme Team’s delivery supervisor

William (Willie G) Graham – The Supreme Team’s supply supervisor

Ron (Big Tuck) Tucker & Waverly (Little Teddy) Coleman — The managers of the Supreme Team’s retail spots located in and around the Baisley Park Projects

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