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NJ Mob Capo Tony Pro Was In Detroit Hours Before Hoffa Was killed, Says FBI Informant

Deceased New Jersey-based Mafioso and Genovese crime family captain Anthony (Tony Pro) Provenzano was in Detroit the night before labor leader and mob associate Jimmy Hoffa disappeared and was slain 40 years ago this month, according to an imprisoned FBI informant who came forward in the mid-2000s. The informant, former Teamster insider Don Wells, claims

Attack On Fitzsimmons Straw That Broke Camel’s Back In Hoffa Saga

The car-bombing of a brand-new Lincoln Continental sedan belonging to Teamsters union executive Richard (Little Fitz) Fitzsimmons 40 years ago this week laid the groundwork for the infamous July 30, 1975 mob assassination of American labor icon Jimmy Hoffa. Little Fitz was the son of Teamsters International President Frank (Big Fitz) Fitzsimmons, Hoffa’s former protégé