Started From The Bottom Now He’s In The Joint: S. GA. Gangster Disciples Boss “B.J” McMillan Gets 38 Years Stacked On Top Of Life


August 2, 2022 — What’s four decades in the slammer when you are already doing life?

Jackie (B.J.) McMillan, the boss of the South Georgia Gangster Disciples, was slapped with 38 years of drug and racketeering-related federal prison time this week while in the middle of serving a life sentence in state prison for murder. McMillan, 41, was the No. 1 defendant in the 2021 Operation Sandy Bottom case out of Coffee County, Georgia. McMillan’s GD bases its affairs in an area known as “The Bottoms” in the Sandy Ridge section of town in Douglas.<


In May 2001, McMillan beat a man to death with a pool cue inside a Douglas after-hours gambling den in a dispute over bets on games of billiards. The victim lay in a coma for six days before succumbing to his injuries.

The Gangster Disciples street gang is a Chicago-founded organization that has since spread across the country and boasts heavy activity in the state of Georgia. GD founder Larry Hoover has been behind bars for a half-century and according to the government still calls shots for the gang. The DEA and IRS have open investigations into Hoover and the multitude of defense-fund bank accounts and community-activist companies bearing his name.