June 11, 2020 – Hankton Boys Gang turncoat Jerod (Fly Fedi) Fedison is in trouble with the law again in New Orleans. He’s currently cooling his heels in the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center and Telly Hankton is probably ecstatic at the news, considering Fedison’s testimony helped put him behind bars for the rest of his life.

The 38-year old Fedison, who four years ago was a star witness at the federal drug and murder trial of Central City kingpin “Wild Telly” Hankton, was arrested for attempted murder last week. Back in early May, he allegedly opened fire on a car with three passengers in it in Jefferson Parish. One of the men inside the vehicle was wounded.

The Hankton Boys Gang ran the New Orleans dope game in the 1990s and 2000s. The organization had affiliations with the Cash Money Records rap label; Cash Money founders, the Williams brothers (“Baby” & “Slim”), and the label’s cornerstone act Lil’ Wayne. Informants have told the DEA that Cash Money Records was initially funded by a loan from slain Hankton Boys Gang boss George (G-Cup) Hankton, Wild Telly’s cousin.

In 2009, “Fly Fedi” Fedison and seminal Cash Money artist Christopher (B.G.) Dorsey were charged with weapons offenses when the pair were pulled over in a stolen car leaving B.G.’s girlfriend’s house and police found three unregistered guns. Fedison was given 20 years in the case but got out early by cutting a deal to testify against Wild Telly Hankton and his main enforcer Walter (Moonie) Porter at their highly-publicized 2016 trial.

Fly Fedi was in Porter’s Uptown crew and met Hankton, 44, through Porter in the late 2000s upon Porter campaigning to join the notorious Hankton Boys Gang and then quickly shooting up the ranks to become the gang’s No. 1 triggerman. B.G. frequently name-checked Moonie Porter, infamous for always carrying to full-clips with him and leaving his crime scenes strewn with shell casings, in his raps before being sent to prison for 14 years in the ’09 gun case he took with Fedison.

Porter helped Hankton kill rival Jesse (Tu Tu) Reed in June 2009 in a street-corner shooting in retaliation for Reed taking part in the murder of Wild Telly’s cousin Cup Hankton two years earlier. Wild Telly Hankton downed a fleeing Reed with two shots and Porter finished him off by unloading both of his clips into him at point-blank range. Fedison testified at their trial that Porter was proud of the work he did in avenging Cup Hankton’s slaying alongside Wild Telly and bragged about it often.

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