According to sources in law enforcement, Philadelphia mob skipper Phil Narducci did himself in back in the fall when he allegedly laid his hands on a man who he had loaned money to. That man, who Uncle Sam was already eying in another investigation, went scurrying to the feds, per the source, and wired up for subsequent meetings regarding his debt with a Narducci underling named Jimmy Gallo.

The 56-year old Narducci, a burly, always neatly-groomed reputed faction leader in the Bruno-Scarfo crime family, and Gallo, 44, were federally indicted this week on extortion and loan sharking charges and face a maximum of 20 years behind bars if convicted. Narducci owns a gastropub called Chick’s and has his hands in a number of legitimate business ventures including real estate investments and staking pro fighters.

No stranger to street violence or the Big House, Narducci is a suspect in at least two gangland slayings from the 1980s and served 25 years on a federal racketeering conviction from his days in the carnage-soaked, gangster-film inspired Nicodemo (Little Nicky) Scarfo regime of the Reagan era. Gallo told the unidentified victim from the current indictment that Narducci had “killed fucking 8 people” and then raised the number to 14 in another recorded conversation two months down the road. Chick’s is named after Narducci’s dad, Frank (Chickie) Narducci, a mob capo gunned down in 1982 amid a Scarfo-ordered housecleaning.

Per Thursday’s indictment, Narducci loaned the unidentified victim $125,000 last January and when he missed a number of weekly payments in October 2018, Narducci physically assaulted the victim by throwing him against a wall and pushing his head into a car windshield on October 25. Weeks prior Narducci allegedly made a gun signal with his right hand while telling him, “This is what happens if you don’t pay.”

Two days later, the victim gave Gallo money for Narducci and Gallo warned him to be scared of Narducci. “He’s a killer you fucking idiot, he’s fucking killed 8 people,” Gallo chided. Between his final interaction with Narducci ending in him tasting windshield glass and forking over cash to Gallo on October 27, the victim visited the FBI and got fitted for a recording device, per sources.

By December, the victim was falling behind again on his payments and Gallo unleashed a beauty of a damning diatribe caught on tape:

“Stop playing games, (stop) playing with this guy (Narducci)….Ya know when you’re going to care about this? When this guy (Narducci) shows up at your place with a fucking ski mask on, you’re going to say ‘Oh, no’ and that’s going to be the last thing you ever fucking say. And you know what? I don’t care. It’s not my problem. That’s what this guy (Narducci) does. He’s mentioned in 14 fucking murders. I mean, like what’s your problem here? What don’t you understand about this?”

During his younger days as a lieutenant of Nicky Scarfo’s, Narducci was investigated for his role in the mob hits of Sammy Tamburrino in 1983 and Frank (Frankie Flowers) D’Alfonso in 1985. He was also believed to have shot and attempted to kill the father of a witness against Scarfo in a murder trial. Originally, Narducci was found guilty of D’Alfonso’s homicide at his 1989 racketeering trial but had the verdict tossed on appeal.

Upon being sprung from the clink in 2012, he returned to South Philly and per sources, joined forces with a group of young mob aspirants and the independent 10th & O Gang to create a formidable power base. Recognized as a capo by Bruno-Scarfo clan boss Joseph (Skinny Joey) Merlino, Narducci is pretty much allowed to “do his own thing,” these sources claim. Merlino, based in Boca Raton, Florida these days, is in prison for the next two years on a gambling conviction out of New York.

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