September 3, 2020 — Nashville drug lord Eric (The Shark) Jenkins was busted by the feds in an undercover sting this past summer. Jenkins is considered “new money” in the Tennessee dope game, opposed to OGs like Ronnie Woods in Memphis.

The 37-year old Jenkins was nailed trying to purchase 10 kilos of cocaine near a Motel 6 parking lot on June 18 in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. Jenkins is alleged to have ran his drug business out of the city’s most upscale neighborhoods, headquartering in The Gulch, a ritzy shopping and restaurant district on the southwest border of Downtown.

Woods, 56, and his old-school “Memphis Mob” crew were indicted for narcotics trafficking and money laundering in state court in the summer of 2019. Best-selling Memphis rapper Yo Gotti shouts out Woods in numerous songs.

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