August 13, 2020 – Alleged Montreal mob capo Nick Spagnolo was charged with aggravated assault and attempted murder this week stemming from a bar fight in Quebec on August 2 where he reportedly stabbed a man. The 45-year old Spagnolo pleaded not guilty Tuesday and was released on bond. The incident occurred in Old Montreal.

According to law enforcement in Canada, Spagnolo is a top lieutenant of reputed Montreal mob bosses Leonard Rizzuto and Stephen Sollecito and has had a murder contract on his head from rivals for close to four years now. Their fathers all ran the Montreal mafia of the 2000s together, before the Canadian underworld broke out into a bloody war that cost the elder Spagnolo and Sollecito their lives.

Rizzuto’s brother and grandfather were slain in the still-ongoing unrest. His father, longtime don Vito Rizzuto, died of cancer in 2013.

Both Vince Spagnolo, a right-hand man Vito Rizzuto and Rocco (Sauce) Sollecito, Rizzuto’s one-time acting boss, were shot to death within two months of each other in 2016. Leonard Rizzuto, 50, recently beat drug and weapon charges at trial. The war in the Montreal mob erupted in the late 2000s when Vito Rizzuto was sent to serve time in an American prison for his participation in a famous 1981 triple gangland execution in New York and the by the late 2010s had spread to Ontario.

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