RCMP Seeing Red In Another Takedown Of The Outlaws MC: Ontario Biker Chief “Big Red” Busted In Drug Case


March 21, 2021 – One of the most powerful biker bosses in Canada is back in trouble with the law. The Outlaws Motorcycle Club’s London, Ontario chapter president Ryan (Big Red) Daigneault was arrested for narcotics trafficking and gun charges last week.

Three years ago, Big Red Daigneault had an attempted murder case against him dropped. He pleaded not guilty. The case was in connection to an ongoing war with the local chapter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. The Outlaws MC and the Hells Angels, both clubs founded in the United States in the Midwest and West Coast, respectively, have been at war since 1974. <


The war broke out in Florida and quickly spread throughout the country. During subsequent years, The Outlaws moved across the border into Canada and then eventually to Europe

Daigneault, 44, came up in The Outlaws back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, nailed in a 2002 racketeering indictment that decimated the London chapter and allowed for the Hells Angels to gain a foothold in the area. Under Daigneault’s leadership, in 2011 The Outlaws reopened shop in London and other Southwestern Ontario towns in an attempt to challenge The Hells Angels for biker world supremacy in the province.

In more recent years, The Outlaws created a support club called The Filthy 15 in an effort to beef up their ranks in their fight against the Hells Angels. The quite imposing Big Red Daigneault is the most notorious biker boss in Ontario.


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