Even more musings on mob life in Detroit by the legendary Giacalone brothers (“Tony Jack” & “Billy Jack”) and their associates caught in the 1960s on a bug in their office planted by the FBI. Thousands of hours of surveillance were collected over a multi-year span.

Since the FBI wire illegally installed, none of the evidence gathered ever made it into court or was ever used against those intercepted.

 Billy Jack on a former boyhood rival that would tease him about his prosthetic leg

“That cocksucker used to call me pegleg. If he’d say it in front of me today, I’d clobber the son of a bitch on the spot. We ain’t kids no more”

Tony Jack recalling a conversation with then-acting boss Tony Zerilli about two of the crime family’s reps in Toledo, Ohio, Anthony “Whitey” Besase and Nefurio (Tony Paul) Scotti

“So Whitey and Tony Paul are golfing the other day. Whitey tells Tony Z that Tony Paul gets smart with him, says’ ever since you got your button in Detroit you think you’re a tough guy, you ain’t so tough.’ First off, someone around here has a big mouth. Somebody’s speaking out of line. How the fuck does Tony Paul know Whitey got made? Second off, I told Z, Whitey should have said to Tony, ‘oh, yeah, well I am a fucking tough guy, ass hole’ and then took his nine-iron out of his bag and went upside his head with it”

Fellow Detroit mob capo Dom “Fats” Corrado commenting on how his dad’s death of a sudden massive heart attack years before had provided him a new perspective on dieting 

“I’ve lost a lot of weight the last few months, I’m down to 250 pounds. I want to get down to 235 before Thanksgiving. What happened to my father was a wakeup call.”

Discussion between the Giacalone bros. on a recently-released book regarding organized crime activity on the east coast

Billy: This new book breaks down everything that’s happened in New York the last decade, who’s the boss of what Family, who’s with who’s regime, who’s moving with you, who’s hitting who, it’s pretty interesting stuff. You wouldn’t believe how many rats they got there. I’m thinking we might have ourselves the same problem here.

Tony: You like reading about that bullshit don’t ya? Don’t we got enough to worry about with our own business here, why you worrying about someone’s else business eight hundred miles away?

Tony Jack admonishing an attorney handling Billy’s case about his drinking benders in reaction to a breakup with his girlfriend

“You better straighten up and fly right, Larry. Get yourself together. My brother’s freedom’s at stake here. Stop acting like a 3-year old baby and start acting like a man. All this over a motherfucking broad? Larry, this is a fucking cunt we’re talking about, that’s all she is. If you got to check yourself into a hospital to dry out for a little while, tell me now. We’ll work something out. Billy and I won’t tell people what it’s about. We’ll just say you’re sick. But you need to straighten yourself out like yesterday. You’re out on the town every night, acting a fool, embarrassing yourself, ignoring your responsibilities. That ain’t right. You need to fix this.”

The Giacalone brothers talking about their protégé “Hollywood Ronnie” Morelli and his quick temper

Billy: We gotta to calm Ronnie down a bit. He and his two buddies just took a pinch for tuning some guy up in front of that club Ronnie used to bounce at. Mike (Polizzi) has him running some dice games for him a couple times a week. Mike says he’s a real sharp kid, we just need to school him a little more

Tony: The company he keeps only gets him revved up even more. Him and TC (Tony Corrado) smacked this guy around a few months ago outside the Gardens (Grecian Gardens), they beat him to a pulp. The guy was nuts. He kept asking ‘is that all you got?’ and Ronnie and Tony kept waling away on him


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