Federal Hill is the heart of mob territory in Providence. The historic neighborhood has played host to a considerable amount of gangland violence through the years. Here’s a look back at the biggest Federal Hill mob hits of all-time.

The Federal Hill Hit List (1932-1992):

September 24, 1932 – African-American numbers boss Arthur (Daddy) Black is shot to death inside his office on Cranston Street. The WWI hero was the richest man of color in the state of Rhode Island and slain in a feud with Italian mafia leaders over sharing proceeds of his policy lottery.

August 10, 1955 – Mob soldier George (Tiger) Balleto is shot to death as he sat at the bar inside the Bella Napoli Café on Atwells Avenue. Balleto had been bucking at orders given by mafia brass in Massachusetts and was a casualty in the rise of Raymond Patriarca to the region’s mob throne. Patriarca dispatched enforcer John (Mad Dog Jack) Nazarian for the job. A witness to the hit, local hoodlum and thief Eddie Hannan, was found dead in a Federal Hill gutter three months later. Patriarca was consolidating power in Rhode Island in the lead-up to him taking over as don and moving the headquarters of the New England mob from Boston to Providence in the coming year.

January 17, 1962 — Notorious mob strong arm John (Mad Dog Jack) Nazarian, a one-time favorite of Raymond Patriarca for top muscle-job assignments, is slain for talking mutiny.

February 19, 1965 — Drug-addled wiseguy Raymond (Baby Ray) Curccio is shot to death behind the wheel of his car in the days after he burglarized the home of Raymond Patriarca’s brother.

July 13, 1966 – Bookie Willie Marfeo is gunned down inside the Korner Kitchen restaurant for refusing to be extorted by New England Godfather Raymond Patriarca, who made his headquarters in Federal Hill from the “Coin-O-Matic,” a vending machine company located on Atwells Avenue. Marfeo slapped Patriarca’s consigliere Henry (The Referee) Tameleo in the weeks preceding his murder when the famously even-tempered Tameleo came to him with a plan to try to resolve his differences with Patriarca.

July 30, 1968 — Burglar Bobby Candos is killed in the days before he was slated to go on trial for a bank robbery he had kicked-up proceeds from to Raymond Patriarca and his caporegimes Providence. Patriarca believed Candos was about “to go bad” according to Nicky Palmigiano, the mob hit man-turned-informant responsible for carrying out the Candos and Baby Ray Curccio contracts.

April 20, 1968 – Mobster Rudy Marfeo and his bodyguard Anthony Melei are shot to death inside Pannone’s Meat Market, a small grocery store off Pocasset Avenue, on Patriarca’s orders. Rudy Marfeo was a brother of Willie Marfeo and had been operating without paying street tax and threatening to avenge his sibling’s slaying.

March 15, 1976 – Mob capo Dickie Callei is shot and beaten to death inside the Acorn Social Club by rival crew boss Frank (Bobo) Marrapese and buried at a Massachusetts golf course. The Acorn Social Club on Atwells Avenue was Marrapese’s base camp. Callei and Marrapese were fighting it out for turf in the Providence rackets. Marrapese and his cew had recently bumped off Callei loyalist Alfred (Keystone Al) LePore and feared reprisals.

April 12, 1978 – Hartford mobster Joe (Joey Onions) Scanlon is lured to a Federal Hill social club on Knight Street, shot in the face and head in front of his girlfriend and baby daughter and dumped in Narraganset Bay. Scanlon, also known as “Shotgun Joe,” was killed by Providence wiseguys Nicky Pari and Andy Merola after they found out he was cooperating with police.

September 18, 1982 – Area gangland figure Raymond (Slick) Vecchio is shot to death inside Vincent’s restaurant on Atwells Avenue. Vecchio was connected to Providence mob capo Rudolph (Rudy Earl) Sciarra and allegedly in a beef with Irish strong arm Kevin Hanrahan in the months surrounding his brazen execution.

September 18, 1992 – Renegade mob enforcer Kevin Hanrahan is gunned down on Atwells Avenue leaving The Arch steakhouse on the 10-year anniversary of the Slick Vecchio hit. Hanrahan upset Patriarca crime family administrators with his rogue behavior and reportedly had ambitions of killing his way to the top of the organization, backed by Raymond Patriarca, Jr., the Godfather’s deposed progeny, behind bars on a racketeering bust.

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