Audio surveillance released this week as part of a giant racketeering and drug case recently filed against members of The Pagan’s Motorcycle Club in Rhode Island and Massachusetts serves to further demonstrate Pagan’s reputed national president Keith (Conan the Barbarian) Richter’s growing desire to expand his club’s presence into parts of the country previously unchartered. Back in the spring, it was reported that Richter encouraged Pagans in New Jersey to annex biker turf in Newark run by the rival Hells Angels by any means necessary, resulting in a baseball-bat attack of a Newark Hells Angel at a gas station down the street from the Hells Angels clubhouse.

Months earlier, Richter had set his sights on conquering Rhode Island.

Pagan’s Providence president Deric (Big Tuna) McGuire flashed on the law enforcement radar last fall. His cell phone was bugged from June 2017 through March 2018. At Richter’s urging, McGuire planted The Pagan’s flag in Rhode Island last summer. Previously, McGuire was more known as a proficient Providence dope boy than a big shot in the biker world.

On the tapes made public via an affidavit filed Tuesday morning in the case arising out of state court dubbed Operation Patched Out, you can hear Richter making arrangements with McGuire to start a Pagan’s chapter in the Providence area. McGuire, 33, opened The Pagan’s first Rhode Island clubhouse in his hometown of Woonsocket. He’s the lead defendant in the Operation Patched Out indictment which dropped in May, includes 57 Pagan’s and Pagan’s associates spanning Providence to Boston and charges more than 200 felonies (220 in all) in it.

“It’s a new age out there brother, it’s the Pagan’s age, now,” Richter tells McGuire on one tape.

The Pagan’s are the most powerful motorcycle club on the East Coast and currently lord over biker activity in Baltimore, Virginia, Delaware, Long Island, South Jersey, the Jersey Shore and Philadelphia. The club was founded in Maryland back in 1959.

The 58-year old Richter is the former president of The Pagan’s Long Island, New York chapter and at one time served as the national club’s Sergeant-At-Arms. Richter ran his suburban New York chapter in the 1990s prior to being sent to prison in 1998 for putting a murder contract out on a strip club manager who rebuffed his extortions efforts. At some point after his release from behind bars in 2012, per sources, Richter rose to the club’s national presidency.

Before he was the boss of the Rhode Island Pagan’s, McGuire led a club called the Thug Riders. McGuire’s entire Thug Riders crew traveled to see Richter in Elizabeth, New Jersey in August 2017 on a trip in which they were all “patched over” to The Pagan’s, per McGuire’s indictment. Having pled not guilty in the case, McGuire was denied bail and is being held in state custody until trial.

In April, South Jersey Pagan Robert (Hell Boy) DeRonde allegedly beat a North Jersey Hells Angel with a metal baseball bat after getting a pep talk from Richter. The Hells Angel victim was in the hospital for a week with a cracked skull and several broken ribs. DeRonde, 54, is a convicted felon and in custody awaiting trial for the assault .Immediately following the incident, federal authorities in the Garden State circulated a memo warning of violence related to Richter’s expansion mandate and subsequent increasing tensions between The Pagan’s and the Hells Angels.

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