Home African-American Picture Him Roll’in: BMF Boss Southwest T Receives Homecoming Gift From 50 Cent

Picture Him Roll’in: BMF Boss Southwest T Receives Homecoming Gift From 50 Cent

Picture Him Roll’in: BMF Boss Southwest T Receives Homecoming Gift From 50 Cent

June 5, 2020 – As his older brother waits for a federal judge to rule on a motion for compassionate release, Black Mafia Family co-founder Terry (Southwest T) Flenory, fresh out of the joint after a 15-year stay as a guest of the government, is basking in the warm glow of love being showered upon him by rapper and hip-hop mogul 50 Cent. First, it was adulation on social media. Now, a luxury vehicle, the definitive status symbol of bosses in every industry.

50 Cent sent Southwest T a Bentley a silver drop-top Rolls Royce as a welcome home present. Flenory, 50, was released from prison last month – six years early due to the COVID-19 pandemic – and is on home confinement in Ecorse, Michigan, just outside the Detroit city limits where Flenory, his brother, “Big Meech” and a close-knit crew of childhood friends, started their drug empire 30 years ago. Flenory showed off his new ride on the Instagram account (bmfboss_swt_623) he created for himself the day he walked free.

By the dawning of the New Millennium in 2000, the “BMF” drug dynasty was in full bloom, with the Flenory brothers establishing BMF franchise in 24 different states, including Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Louisville, Memphis and St. Louis. Hip-hop luminaries like Puffy Combs, Jermaine Dupri and Irv Gotti feted the Flenorys and their lieutenants at industry parties and BMF, in turn, according to DEA informants, helped finance some of the music world’s most influential rap labels of the era.    &nbs


This week, 50 Cent had a Rolls delivered to Flenory’s doorstep. Flenory is staying at his mother’s house in the smoggy Detroit suburb and has been reportedly entertaining a seemingly endless stream of visitors coming to pay their respects. The only problem with 50 Cent gifting Southwest T the expensive whip is that the slimmed-down drug don can’t drive it anywhere because of his release-restrictions.

U.S. District Court Judge David Lawson is currently mulling Demetrius (Big Meech) Flenory’s compassionate release request. The 51-year old Big Meech is considerably more infamous than his baby bro, Southwest T, getting frequent shout-outs and name-checks in rap tracks coast-to-coast. Lawson granted Terry Flenory a compassionate release on May 2. Big Meech is requesting to serve his home confinement in Miami.  

50 Cent is producing a scripted television series for the Starz network on the rise and fall of the Flenory brothers and the “BMF” organization, the biggest domestic drug-trafficking group in American history. BMF was dismantled in 2005 courtesy of the historic Operation Motor City Mafia case.

According to sources, BMF “underboss” Chad (J-Bo) Brown, was in Detroit in the days after Terry Flenory was released. Brown, the No. 2 defendant in the Operation Motor City Mafia indictment behind the Flenory brothers, was released from prison in the summer of 2018 and lives in St. Louis.


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