October 10, 2019 — Philadelphia mafia soldier Frank (Frankie Windows) Narducci, Jr. died this week of liver failure. Narducci, Jr. is the older brother of reputed Philly mob faction leader Phil Narducci, currently in federal prison for loansharking. Their father was slain Bruno-Scarfo crime family capo Frank (Chickie) Narducci, killed in 1982 after playing a role in a failed palace coup.

Windows Narducci, 66, kept a low profile in his final years, his lone brush with the law being a parole violation back in 2015. Both Narducci brothers were indicted in 1987 and then convicted two years later on a wide array of racketeering charges related to the wild and crazy Nicodemo (Little Nicky) Scarfo Philly mob regime. They were alleged co-conspirators in the 1985 gangland murder of Scarfo rival Frank (Frankie Flowers) D’Alfonso hit — Windows was implicated as the getaway driver in the hit and his baby bro Phil was identified as one of the triggermen.

The wide-necked and always well-groomed Phil Narducci, 57, was found guilty in the D’Alfonso homicide and then had the conviction overturned on appeal and won acquittal at a 1997 retrial. Windows Narducci got out of prison on his racketeering case in 2007 (he was never arrested for involvement in the Frankie Flowers hit), followed by Phil in 2012. Per sources, the younger Narducci has emerged as a crew boss in the years since.

In the spring of 2017, Phil Narducci and his wife Gina opened a gastropub called Chick’s in South Philly named after his dad. From his office at Chick’s, Narducci put hundreds of thousands of dollars on the street in juice loans and in 2018 assaulted a wired-up debtor on the property. He pleaded guilty in May to loan sharking and is doing a year behind bars.

The New York Times covered Windows Narducci’s September 1977 wedding at the Philadelphia Sheraton’s Grand Ballroom when he was just 24 and still a wiseguy-in-training, chronicling the nuptials as if the Narducci clan was genuine American mob royalty. According to FBI records, Windows was made into the mafia in 1981 and owned the trendy Atlantic City restaurant and nightclub Le Bistro. On the day of Chickie Narducci’s 1982 assassination, Windows was acting as his father’s chauffeur and had dropped him off at a parking structure near the courthouse he was on trial at to retrieve his own car in the minutes prior to him being gunned down.

The passing of Windows Narducci is the third death of a Philly mob button man in the past year. Former Bruno-Scarfo crime family powers Salvatore (Shotsie) Sparacio and Vincent (Al Pajamas) Pagano died in late 2018 and February 2019 respectively after spending their last two and a half decades as property of the federal government, fallout from a 1994 racketeering indictment.

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