Reputed high-ranking Philadelphia mobster Phil Narducci is opening up a restaurant this year named after his dad, a once-powerful Goodfella in the City of Brotherly Love killed gangland-style back in 1982. According to an article posted this week on, “Chick’s” will be putting out its shingle in 2017 in a sprawling, state-of-the-art designed space located at 1807 Washington Avenue in the heart of South Philly. Narducci himself touted the article, featuring a photo of the sharp-looking new eatery, on his social media accounts Thursday.

Narducci’s father, former Philadelphia mafia captain Frank (Chickie) Narducci, was slain on the evening of January 7, 1982 returning home from his federal racketeering trial, shot to death in cold blood as he exited his car by mob prince Salvatore Testa for taking part in the assassination of Testa’s don dad, Philip (The Chicken Man) Testa, less than a year earlier. “Chicken Man” Testa was blown to bits via a porch bomb planted under the front steps of his home in March 1981, a brutal murder eloquently immortalized in music lore by being referenced in the opening line of the song Atlantic City penned and performed by rock-and-roll legend Bruce Springstein (ironically nicknamed “The Boss” by his legions of fans). The young Testa was killed in a similar manner himself in 1984.

The dapper, 54-year old Narducci allegedly heads one of the numerous factions that make up the modern-day Bruno-Scarfo crime family. He did 25 years in prison on murder and racketeering charges, eventually having his conviction in the Frank (Frankie Flowers) D’Alfonso homicide tossed. D’Alfonso, a longtime bookie in South Philly, had been feuding with Philly’s then-maniacal Godfather Nicodemo (Little Nicky) Scarfo over street tax. Per FBI informants, Narducci was rewarded for his role as a shooter in the Frankie Flowers hit, as well as his involvement in the prior murder of wiseguy Sammy Tamburrino and the shooting of the father of a testifying witness by receiving induction into the mafia in a 1986 ceremony.

After his release in 2012, Narducci has kept a low profile, while reportedly successfully securing territory in the area’s crowded mob landscape and recruiting a loyal base of supporters, mostly younger, independent hoodlums impressed by his credentials. His older brother, Frank (Frankie Windows) Narducci, Jr. is also a made man in the Bruno-Scarfo clan. “Windows” Narducci was alleged to be the getaway driver in the Frankie Flowers hit.

Following their father’s murder, the Narduccis were summoned to a meeting with Little Nicky Scarfo, Philip Testa’s best friend, consigliere and successor as boss, and told their dad’s misdeeds would not be held against them. Scarfo, 88, is doing life behind bars.

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