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Philly Mafia Figure Marty Angelina To Make GJ Appearance Related To ‘92 Shooting

Philly Mafia Figure Marty Angelina To Make GJ Appearance Related To ‘92 Shooting

August 12, 2019 — Philadelphia mobster Marty Angelina has been called in front of a Pennsylvania grand jury to answer questions about a shooting he was involved in back in 1992, according to the new episode of Mob Talk Sitdown on YouTube. Mob Talk Sitdown is hosted by award-winning reporters Dave Schratwieser and George Anastasia.

The 57-year old Angelina was the Bruno-Scarfo crime family’s underboss in the late 2000s. Today, he’s considered a captain in the family. Angelina’s lawyer told Mob Talk Sitdown his client would comply with the subpoena out of a state court in Norristown, Pennsylvania, just outside of Philly.

In 1992, Angelina was part of a faction of young mafia aspirants spearheaded by gangland golden boy Joseph (Skinny Joey) Merlino trying to wrestle control of the Philly mob from Sicilian boss John Stanfa. Per Mob Talk Sitdown, Angelina was shot in an altercation at a bar and driven to the hospital by a female waitress connected to an unnamed Philly mob capo.

Both Angelina and the woman were served with subpoenas last month, but the woman has since been told she no longer has to testify according to Mob Talk Sitdown. Schratwieser and Anastasia speculated the grand jury may be probing an unsolved homicide from that time period.

Stanfa went to prison in 1994 for murder and racketeering, allowing Merlino’s crew to ascend to the top of the Philadelphia mafia before any of them were 35 years old. Merlino, Angelina and several other members of their inner circle were locked up in the 2000s, convicted of a litany of racketeering offenses at a flashbulb frenzy of a 2001 federal trial. Although they were hit with a number of murder charges tied to the mob war offensive launched at the Stanfa regime, they were all acquitted of the homicide counts. Angelina came out of prison in 2006, Merlino in 2011. Merlino, 57, is in the midst of finishing up the final months of short stint behind bars for a federal gambling conviction out of New York.

Practically the entire Philly mob roster was in attendance last weekend at acting boss Joseph (Uncle Joe) Ligambi’s surprise 80th birthday party held on the Jersey Shore. The festivities served a dual purpose, per Mob Talk Sitdown, as Schratwieser and Anastasia reported Ligambi was retiring and the party was also being viewed internally as an official send off. Angelina is alleged to have been Ligambi’s No. 2 from 2007 through 2010.


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