Philly Mafia Bookie, Con Man Ordered Back To Prison For Another Four Years In Real Estate Grift Case


April 14, 2021 – Philadelphia mob associate Steve Sharkey was sentenced to four years in prison for his role in a real estate and identify theft scam this week by U.S. District Court Judge John Padova. He pleaded guilty back in September.

Sharkey’s co-defendant and fellow Philly mafia affiliate, Anthony (Tony Mortgage) Ambrosia, got hit with an 18-month prison term. Ambrosia and Sharkey are both linked to the Philly mob’s acting boss George (Georgie Boy) Borgesi, per court records and sources.

The pair fleeced investors for $400,000 in real-estate and mortgage fraud schemes where Sharkey and Ambrosia pocketed down payments made on bogus land deals. One of the victims in the case was Ambrosia’s brother-in-la


Sharkey remains free on bond and is scheduled to turn himself in at the end of the summer to begin serving his sentence. Tony Mortgage will begin his short stint behind bars this spring.

The fast-talking 52-year old Sharkey is a convicted bookmaker, previously nailed in a 2000 racketeering bust alongside Borgesi. He did four years in the pen in that case, copping a plea to gambling charges. Borgesi, 57, on the other hand was convicted under the RICO act and served 13 years in the can.

The Sharkey-Ambrosia indictment identifies Borgesi as a capo, but sources claim that particular intelligence is dated and Borgesi was upped to acting boss duties in August 2019. Last year, award-winning investigative reporter Dave Schratwieser (FOX Philly 29, Mob Talk Sitdown) reported that Sharkey and Borgesi had a falling out over money and Sharkey has been placed on the local mob’s “pay no mind list.” When Borgesi and Sharkey were indicted together in 2000, Borgesi was the Bruno-Scarfo crime family’s consigliere.


  1. Facts wrong again as usual. Sharkey and Borgesi never had ANY falling out, there is 0 truth to anyone saying “pay no mind list.” The fact he was indicted, and he stayed away because of his indictment is the actual truth. You should really know facts, before regurgitating false information. Why didn’t you report how Dave said Sharkey was a rat, and said “guys on the streets are talking?” None of that was true, yet he reported it as facts. Id have more respect for you if you didn’t get all your info from Philly gossip hounds. If you just did your research or I dunno, knew anyone there, maybe you wouldn’t report out right lies.


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