Pagan’s Motorcycle Club administrator Robert (Go Fast) Gray, the vice president of the club’s powerful Philadelphia chapter, and Pagan’s associate Charles Oakley, were both bound over for trial this week in a preliminary hearing held in state court for their alleged kidnapping and assault of former Pagan’s treasurer Vincent (Pit Stop) Pezzano back in March. Pezzano refused to identify Gray as one of his attackers at the hearing (he named Oakley though), despite providing police a signed statement fingering Gray on the night of the incident where Pezzano was snatched off a South Philly street corner down the block from his house by two men in car, choked with a leather belt and threatened with death if he didn’t pay back money his assailants’ said he owed.

FoxPhilly29’s Dave Schratwieser broke the news via his Twitter account. Gray and Oakley were indicted last month and charged with kidnapping for ransom which could land them in prison for life. They’ve pled not guilty.

“Pit Stop” Pezzano was detained by the district attorneys office the night prior to the hearing, presumably to guarantee his attendance. A report filed by Schratwieser on May 2 showed video footage of Gray on his front yard taping the FoxPhilly camera taping him on his smart phone.

Gray and then-Pagan’s Philly chapter president Steve (Gorilla) Mondervergine were questioned by authorities in the January 2005 slaying of local Hells Angels acting president Tommy (Thinker) Wood, shot in the head as he drove home on the Schuylkill Expressway from an evening partying at an area strip club. Wood was originally closely aligned with Mondervergine (currently in prison for a vicious assault of a rival club member in 2008) and was one of four former high-ranking Pagan’s who had “patched over” to the Hells Angels to help them establish a presence in Philadelphia in the early 2000s.

Pezzano, 55, was nailed in a massive multi-state federal racketeering bust targeting Pagan’s on the east coast in October 2009. He pled guilty and did three years in prison. The sprawling 45-count indictment ensnared over 50 Pagan’s in eight different states, including the club’s national president David (Black Bart) Barbeito of Maryland and national vice president Floyd (Diamond Jesse) Moore of West Virginia. Barbeito was elected Pagan’s national president in 1989.

Robert "Go-Fast" Gray

Robert “Go-Fast” Gray/image courtesy of FoxPhilly29

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