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Al Capone Quotes

Al Capone Quotes

“You got a nice ass”  

this is the first of Al Capone’s many quotables to appear on the historical stage. It’s what he said to a girl in a bar one night…right before her brother slashed Capone’s face and gave him the nickname “Scarface”.


Capone in his Prime

“Capitalism is the legitimate racket of the ruling class.”

“I have built my organization upon fear.”

“I am like any other man.  All I do is supply a demand.”

“My rackets are run on strictly American lines and they’re going to stay that way.”

“Public service is my motto. Ninety percent of the people of Cook County drink and gamble and my offense has been to furnish them with those amusements. My booze has been good and my games on the square.”

“This American system of ours, call it capitalism, call it Americanism, call it what you will gives each and every one of us a great opportunity if only we seize with both hands and make the most of it.”

“When I sell liquor, it’s called bootlegging; when my patrons serve it on Lake Shore Drive, it’s called hospitality.”

“Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness, I’m kind to everyone, but when someones unkind to me, weak is not what you’re going to remember about me.”

Deniro as Capone

“You can get much further with a kind word and a gun than with a kind word alone.”

-Robert DeNiro playing Al Capone said this in “Untouchables” but it appears to have been a joke coined in the early 60’s. Later comedians added to the joke by attributing it to Capone. Quote investigator had this to say.

Capone’s Legal Troubles

In 1927, Chicago Mayor, and Capone’s chief corruptee, Big Bill Thompson decided he might run for President and started distancing himself from Capone. This began a slow downward spiral that ended with Capone going to Alcatraz. His public statements became increasingly defensive and bitter.

Let the worthy citizens of Chicago get their liquor the best way they can. I’m sick of the job-its a thankless one and full of grief.  I’ve spent the best years of my life being a public benefactor.” 

“You fear death & worse than death, you fear rats if you don’t constantly satisfy them with money. I haven’t had peace of mind in years. Every minute I’m in danger of death. Three of my friends were killed in Chicago last week, that certainly doesn’t get you peace of mind.”

-Capone said this from his self-imposed exile in Florida while fighting the Federal government’s tax case against him.

“They can’t collect legal taxes from illegal money.”

“All I ever did was sell beer & whiskey to their best people.”

al capone time magazine

“Why, do you know America’s on the verge of its greatest social upheaval? Communism is knocking at our gates–we can’t afford to let it in! We must keep the American worker away from Red literature & Red ruses.”

-Al Capone on the Communist menace during the early Depression era.

“Racketeer? Why, the real racketeers are the banks!”

Capone talking to Damon Runyon on the eve of his imprisonment.

Mafia Hit List – Top Sports Mob Murders

Top 5 Sports Mob Murders of All-Time

1 James (Sonny) Liston – The former heavyweight boxing champion of the world, Liston was widely-know to be “sponsored” by New York-based mob prize-fighting czar Frank (Blinky) Palermo and the St. Louis mafia, specifically underboss John (Johnny V) Vitale and Don, Anthony (Tony G) Giordano. A longtime “wild card” and substance abuser, his December 30 1970 heroin overdose in Las Vegas has come under scrutiny for possible foul play and the reputed involvement of Vitale, Giordano and their men. Following his retirement and his pair of losses to Muhammad Ali in the1960s, Liston moved to Nevada and began working for a series of mob-backed hotels and casinos as a greeter.

2 Victor Weiss – The agent for legendary college basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian (Long Beach State, Fresno State, UNLV) Weiss was found in a North Hollywood parking garage, tied up, gagged and shot twice in the back of the head in the trunk of his Rolls Royce on June 17, 1979, last seen alive leaving a meeting at the Beverly Hills Hotel three days before with L.A. Lakers owner Jerry Buss. Weiss, a mob associate suspected of couriering skimmed Las Vegas casino cash, was offed while in the midst of negotiating a contract for “Tark the Shark’s” to become the next head coach of the Lakeshow, a deal that never came to fruition. Detectives that worked the still never-cracked case pointed to Weiss’ exorbitant gambling debts and possible stealing of the skim money he was delivering as the motives for his slaying. Tarkanian returned to the college ranks, winning a national title with UNLV in 1990

3 Gilbert (Gil the Brain) Beckley – Known as the biggest sports gambler and handicapper in the United States throughout the 1950s and 1960s, Beckley was believed to have been a major NFL game-fixer and went on to testify against members of New England’s Patriarca Crime Family. In the wake of his testimony, he disappeared on February 11, 1970

4 Ray Ryan – Large-scale sports gambler, land-developer, oil tycoon and boxing promoter, Ryan ran afoul with the Chicago mafia, blown up in a car bomb outside his Evansville, Indiana athletic club on October 18, 1977. Ryan, a close friend to a number of NFL owners, had testified against Windy City mobster Marshall (Johnny Shoes) Caifano, sending the one-time mafia overseer in Las Vegas to prison in the years prior to his violent demise.

5 Adolpho “Dino Bravo” Bresciano – The former WWF star, who became an enforcer for the Montreal mafia, was slain inside his own home on March 10, 1993, riddled with close t

o two dozen bullets as he sat on his couch watching television. A nephew via marriage to former Quebec mob chief Vic (The Egg) Cotroni, Bresciano was alleged to have cheated some fellow wiseguys on a cigarette-smuggling scam.

Mafia Hit List – Top Rockford (IL) Mob Murders


Top 5 Rockford Mob Murders of All-Time

1 The Giovingo Brothers Murders – Rockford’s Prohibition Era mob powers, the Giovingo brothers were killed as a result of a war against Tony Musso, who would go on to lead the city’s mafia family for the next two and a half decades. Joe Giovingo was murdered on August14, 1930, while Pete Giovingo was slain on February 13, 1933, hours after he was released from a two-year prison term. Pete Giovingo was ambushed with gunfire from a passing car while taking a “return drive” through downtown Rockford in his Chevrolet Coupe.

2 Joe Maggio – A Rockford mob power of the 1970s, Maggio locked horns with the city’s then-don Joe Zammuto over Zammuto’s decision to back drug dealing in the city limits and was murdered on April 8, 1980, his body discovered on the west side of Rockford by Winnebago County Sheriffs in the backseat of his car, shot in the back of the head. Zammuto is said to have ordered the hit from semi-retirement in Florida. Investigators found more than $20,000 on Maggio’s corpse. FBI surveillance units followed a number of Rockford mafia figures down to the Sunshine State to meet with Zammuto in the weeks leading up to and after the Maggio slaying.

3 Charles Kalb – The last independent gangster operating in the city of Rockford, a mob hotbed located between Chicago and Milwaukee, Kalb, a bookmaking and horse racing magnate, was killed on Dec 22, 1937. He was shot dead while driving up his block in his car, sitting beside his wife and bodyguard, who were unharmed. The slaying was never solved.

4 Charles La Franka – A Rockford mob soldier that was beaten and strangled to death on January 17, 1965, after failing to attend several meetings at the Aragona Social Club, Joe Zammuto’s headquarters, La Franka was found in the trunk of his car in an Elgin, Illinois parking lot. Zammuto felt disrespected by La Franka’s continual ignoring of his orders to come in and ‘register’ his rackets with the mafia’s local administration.

5 The Angelo Buscemi & Louie DalCollo ‘Shootout Murders’ – Buscemi, the first cousin of future Rockford Godfather, Frank Buscemi, was sent by sitting-boss Tony Musso to shakedown a set of local bars and restaurants and ran into a stubborn DalCollo, which resulted in a gun fight outside DalCollo’s tavern on August 17, 1934 that ended up killing both men.

Detroit Man Fights For Life In Prison, Hopes To Out Corruption

TOO EXPLOSIVE FOR AREA NEWSPAPERS!!!! (They wouldn’t run this)


MADISON HEIGHTS -What appear to be well-substantiated claims of police and prosecutorial misconduct lie at the core of a local man’s fight for his freedom after 30 years in prison.

John Akrawi of Madison Heights was arrested, along with four others, in the fall of 1984 when he was 21 and eventually convicted of armed robbery and felony murder, stemming from a home invasion in Detroit gone wrong.

Serving a natural life sentence without the possibility of parole, Akrawi, 51, asserts his innocence and believes he is the victim of a conspiracy by the Detroit Police Department and the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office to lock him up for a crime he had nothing to do with.

“They’ve taken my life away from me based on lies,” said the Madison Heights Madison High School alum from prison in Coldwater, Michigan. “It’s a death sentence. I just want people to know the truth.”

Although his original conviction was kicked back to the circuit court by the Michigan Court of Appeals (being affirmed at the Supreme Court level), Akrawi is currently on his last legs legally. His appellate rights are almost exhausted and he is hoping that a Motion to Reconsider a recent denial of a Motion for Relief of Judgment in Wayne County Circuit Court can keep his battle to get out from behind bars alive.

The motion to reconsider is expected to be decided by the end of the summer, if not sooner.

Akrawi’s conviction is based primarily on the controversial testimony of co-defendant Raad Stepho and a palm print found at the house the incident took place in. Akrawi has never denied having been to the residence in the past, admitting he was friendly with one of the people that lived there, Adam Salbut

Salbut’s sister, Stella Sienkiewicz, was killed on November 10, 1984 in the burglary gone awry. His testimony at the 1985 trial placed Akrawi’s co-defendant Saad Magi, at the scene of the crime, but not Akrawi, whose alibi puts him with his girlfriend, Jennifer Newcome, at the time of the break-in, allegations Newcome herself confirms via a sworn affidavit.

Stepho was convicted of the murder at a prior trial and while awaiting sentencing struck a deal, in which prosecutors agreed to drop Stepho’s own murder conviction in exchange for him pointing the finger at Akrawi and his three co-defendants – some of whom, according to Akrawi, the police had a personal vendetta against stemming from unrelated instances two years before that.

How Stepho’s deal was struck and the validity of his testimony raises eyebrows.

According to numerous signed-affidavits and first-hand accounts, Stepho, was wooed by police and prosecutors with cocaine, alcohol, access to sex with prostitutes and his girlfriend and food from posh eateries, when he was incarcerated at DPD headquarters downtown.

Stepho himself has recanted his testimony from the trial, (placing Akrawi at the scene of the burglary, but not present or having any knowledge of the murder), in notarized letters sent to Akrawi’s and his co-defendant’s families, admitting he was instructed to lie.

The testimony is also heavily disputed by Stepho’s own younger brother, Waad, 19, at the time of the incident.

Waad Stepho has signed several affidavits over the past three decades, admitting he was present at a meeting at DPD headquarters with homicide detectives and members of the prosecutor’s office, alongside his brother and father, where his brother was told if he lied and implicated his co-defendants in the home invasion-murder he would “go free.” Between that meeting and the trial, Waad Stepho claims his brother informed him of his intention of taking the offer and extorting his co-defendants, specifically Akrawi, for cash.

Raad Stepho was released from prison on the robbery charges in 1993. He is currently serving a 10-20-year drug sentence in a Georgia state correctional facility.

Former DPD detective Gerald Stewart, the officer in charge of the investigation, has come under scrutiny in court testimony and Internal Affairs investigations for allegedly coercing witnesses to lie under oath and reportedly shredding of exculpatory evidence.

Investigators working for Akrawi recently uncovered a DPD call-in report taken on the day of the crime from a neighbor of Sienkiwicz that said a man named Roger Ford confessed to “going into that old lady Sienkiwicz’s house, robbing her and then shooting her in the head.”

Counsel for Akrawi believes the November 1984 police report was intentionally buried from the defendants in the discovery process of the original case.

“The whole thing doesn’t pass the smell test, it’s pretty clear that Mr. Akrawi didn’t receive a fair trial,” said his attorney David Cripps of his predicament. “There was prosecutorial misconduct. They had to lie and manufacture testimony in order to secure the conviction.”

Mafia Hit List – Top Canadian Mob Murders


Top 5 Canadian Mob Murders of All-Time

1 Nicolo (Uncle Nick) Rizzuto – The legendary 86-year old patriarch of the Montreal mafia, Rizzuto was killed by sniper fire inside the kitchen of his suburban mansion on November 10, 2010, the most high-profile slaying in an all-out assault on the Rizzuto syndicate, while Canadian mob boss and Uncle Nick’s son Vito, was serving a prison sentence for his role in the famous 1981 Bonanno Family “Three Captains Hit” in New York.

Nick Rizzuto Montreal Canada Mob Boss

In a three-year span, with Vito sitting helpless in an American maximum security prison, the don had his father, son (Nick), brother-in-law (Paulo Renda) and acting boss Agostino Cuntrera, all assassinated, leading to a bloody revenge killing spree against those responsible – a breakoff faction of his inner-circle consisting of his former top lieutenant Raynald Desjardins and close friend Joe Di Maulo, who joined forces with deported Bonanno boss Salvatore (Sal the Ironworker) Montagna to oppose his continued leadership – as soon as he was released in late 2012. Di Maulo and Montagna were both slain in the conflict, with Desjardines allegedly behind the Montagna hit and ready to stand trial for it in 2015. At least 15 bodies dropped as a result of the carnage-filled Canadian mob war that raged between 2009 and 2014. One of the victims of the Rizzuto-sparked purge was Toronto hit man Salvatore (Young Gun Sam) Caluatti, the suspected gunmen in the Nicolo Rizzuto murder. Haitian drug lord Ducarme (King Kenny) Joseph was murdered in the summer of 2014, some tying his slaying to the belief that he took the contract to kill Vito’s son and aide-de-camp, Nick Rizzuto, in December 2009.

2 Paulo Violi – The underboss and reigning “acting boss” of the Montreal mafia, representing the Calabrian sect of the Canadian underworld, Violi was shot-gunned to death on January 22, 1978 inside his Reggio Bar social club headquarters, one of the final victims of a takeover by the Sicilian Rizzuto clan, spearheaded by the future father-son mob don tandem of Nick and Vito Rizzuto. Violi’s murder was preceded by the slayings of his brother Francesco on February 8, 1977 and his consigliere Pietro (Uncle Pete) Sciara, who was killed on Valentine’s Day 1976 as he walked out of a movie theatre with his wife after just taking in a viewing of The Godfather Part II, and followed by the October 17, 1980 sniper-hit of his baby brother Rocco, which was eerily similar to Nick Rizzuto’s execution three decades later.

3 (tie) Salvatore (Sal the Ironworker) Montagna – Called “The Bambino Boss” by the New York press, due to him being a baby-faced 36 when he took over the Bonanno Crime Family as “acting boss,” Montagna was deported to Montreal in 2009 and killed there on November 24, 2011, following his attempt to wrestle control of the Canadian mafia from imprisoned Quebec don Vito Rizzuto, locked up for his role as an imported gunmen in the “Three captains hit” almost 30 years earlier. First, Sal the Ironworker joined forces with Rizzuto’s two right-hand men, Raynald Desjardins and Joe Di Maulo and began attacking members of Rizzuto’s inner-circle and immediate family. Montagna’s alliance with Desjardins and Di Maulo was short-lived and in September 2011, Desjardins survived an assassination attempt, alleged to have been ordered by his former break-away ally. Two months later, Montagna was lured to a house in a Montreal suburb owned by a Desjardins lieutenant and attacked. Avoiding death at the house, Sal the Ironworker bolted on foot and led his assailants on a chase that ended with him being shot twice in the back of the head and left sprawled out in a shallow riverbed. Desjardins and seven others are facing charges and a 2015 trial on the Montagna murder. Di Maulo was killed on Rizzuto’s orders before Rizzuto died of cancer in December 2013.

3 (tie) John (Johnny Pops) Papalia – Buffalo’s heavily-tenured and highly-feared captain based out of Canada, operating in his hometown, the working-class city of Hamilton, Papalia feuded with the renegade Musitano brothers (Angelo & Pasquale) and was shot dead in front of his house on May 31, 1997. The Musitanos, whose dad Dominic was a capo in the Buffalo mafia and a friend of Papalia’s and whose death in 1995 opened the door for the plot to murder Papalia, hired Irish enforcer Ken Murdoch to gun down 73-year old Johnny Pops and his top lieutenant Carmen Barillaro, a hit which he carried out two months later (July 23). Papalia was a revered strong arm and international drug smuggler, playing a crucial role in both the famous “French Connection” and “Pizza Connection” cases.

4 Paul Volpe – An Ontario-based Buffalo mob soldier, Volpe is alleged to have fallen out of favor with American East Coast mafia powers over joint casino ventures in Atlantic City and was killed on Nov 13, 1983, his body found in the trunk of his car at the Toronto airport. Considered one of the most infamous unsolved crimes in Canadian gangland history, Volpe was last seen alive leaving the trendy La Sem Italian eatery in downtown Toronto, accompanied by his then-driver and bodyguard Pete Scarcella, currently one of the area’s leading Calabrian mobsters.

5 Gerlando (George From Canada) Sciascia – The Bonanno’s capo in charge of Montreal, Sciascia was killed on March 18, 1999, shot in the back of the head by fellow Bonanno capo Pasquale (Patty From The Bronx) DeFillipo as they drove away from a Mahattan diner. Sciascia angered Bonanno boss Joseph (Big Joey) Massino for getting too close with the Rizzutto Crime Family and questioning Massino’s decision to name Anthony (T.G.) Graziano, who he believed had a cocaine problem, his consigliere. A major international drug trafficker, in the 1980s George From Canada was aligned closely with the Gambino Family and John Gotti and participated in the “Three Captains Hit,” shooting the Bonnanno’s renegade faction leader, Alphonse (Sonny Red) Indelicato in the head.