Accused murderer and Outlaws Motorcycle Club member Jeremy (Barber Shop) Boshears was in a rage in the hours before his girlfriend Kaitlyn Kearns wound up dead, according to police in Illinois. Facing first-degree homicide charges in Kearns’ killing, the 32-year old Boshears, part of the Outlaws chapter in Joliet, Illinois — a south suburb of Chicago –, has pled not guilty. Authorities claim surveillance cameras inside the tavern Kearns worked at and outside the Outlaws Joliet clubhouse, show his agitation and gear-up for violence.

Kearns, 24, was found shot in the head in the back of her Jeep Cherokee near a barn in Kankakee County in November. Boshears is being held in the Will County Detention Center on a $10,000,000 bond. Despite being married, Boshears began dating Kearns, who waitressed and bartended at Woody’s Bar, down the street from the Outlaws headquarters, earlier in the fall.

The Outlaws clubhouse was raided by federal authorities in the wake of her disappearance. Witnesses last saw Kearns alive in the early-morning hours of November 12, as she left the bar after closing the establishment for the work day. Her body was discovered roughly 50 miles from where she was last seen.

The owner of Woody’s Bar told police he called Kearns on the phone on November 12 and instructed her to ask the remaining patrons to exit and close down, which greatly angered Boshears who was one of the patrons requested to leave. Video in the bar shows Boshears arguing with Kearns and then grabbing the phone from her hand and screaming at the owner on the other end of the line. The surveillance footage from outside the Outlaws clubhouse shows both Kearns and Boshears arriving in the parking lot and Kearns following Boshears inside. Around three hours later, Kearns’ SUV is seen being driven away.


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