One Of Hutch The Jeweler’s Alleged Killers Says Murder Mastermind Wanted Him & Wife Ran Off Road, Shot At Point-Blank Range

November 17, 2022 — According to one of the co-conspirators in the Dan (Hutch the Jeweler) Hutchinson murder last summer, the accused attorney mastermind of the execution requested that the hit team cause an intentional auto accident with Hutchinson and then shoot him and his wife to death amidst the wreckage. That never happened and Hutchinson’s wife came away from the attack unharmed.

Prosecutors in Oakland County, Michigan contend that Hutchinson’s lawyer, Marco Bisbikis, hired Roy and Darnell Larry to carry out the murder of Hutchinson and his wife, Marissa, as part of a plot to boost upwards of five million bucks from Hutch the Jeweler’s estate. Bisbikis drafted a will for the Hutchinsons in the months preceding Hutch the Jeweler’s slaying.

Darnell Larry, a convicted murderer hailing from the Eastside of Detroit, made a series of incriminating statements in his post-arrest interview with detectives, per what prosecutors told the court at a bond hearing for Bisbikis earlier this week. Larry, 57, previously served two and a half decades in state prison for a murder he committed in the 1980s.

“Bisbikis told Larrry he wanted (him and Roy) to engage in an auto accident, like a rear-ending or something and then kill both Hutchinson and his wife on the side of the road,” a prosecutor said in open court Tuesday morning.

Bond was denied for Bisbikis Tuesday, just as it had been for his alleged co-conspirators, Darnell and Roy Larry and Angelo Raptoplous months prior. All four have pleaded not guilty. Darnell’s younger first-cousin, “Precious Roy” Larry, acted as the shooter in the hit, according to prosecutors.

Known as the “Jeweler to the Stars” in the Motor City, the wildly popular and deeply beloved Hutchinson was shot to death behind the wheel of his GMC Yukon Denali on the afternoon of June 3, 2022 outside the Pay Benny pawn shop he just bought in Oak Park, Michigan, a stone’s throw from the Detroit city limits. Roy Larry unloaded a semi-automatic weapon into Hutchinson’s head, face and neck, per the indictment, and was then struck himself trying to flee on a motor scooter. An injured Roy Larry was arrested near t

he scene.

Darnell Larry purchased the motor scooter used in the hit and dropped off Roy Larry and the scooter near the Pay Benny pawn shop after receiving a text from Bisbikis alerting him the Hutchinsons were on their way to the location and describing the vehicle Hutch the Jeweler was driving, per prosecutors. The Larrys were offered $50,000 to carry out the hit, according to the police report.

Hutchinson, 47, owned Hutch’s Jewelry in Oak Park, an urban-chic staple in the spending habits of Detroit’s high-end hip-hop, athlete and entertainer crowd. Oak Park is a suburb directly north of Detroit’s city limits on the near westside. The Pay Benny pawn shop and Hutch’s Jewelry are located less than a mile apart on Greenfield Road.

The Hutchinsons attended a meeting with Bisbikis at his law office on the morning of Hutch the Jeweler’s murder. They left the meeting around noon and headed to the pawn shop to pay a contractor for remodeling work being done on the property, unaware Bisbikis had a hit team waiting for them and was communicating with the hit team in real time, according to prosecutors and text messages recovered by police. Bisbikis convened a meeting of co-conspirators at his office to discuss the murder and disassociating with each other going forward, per what prosecutors told the court Tuesday.

Raptoplous, 32, was arrested in the case back in August. He has no criminal record and is alleged to have acted as an intermediary between the Larrys and Bisbikis in the conspiracy.

Precious Roy Larry, 45, did two years in state prison out of Ohio for drug trafficking in the 2000s. While Darnell Larry was serving his murder

sentence, he was nailed for selling drugs from his prison cell.

Over the past three decades, Hutch’s Jewelry Store, has become known for outfitting Detroit’s rich and famous — most prominently, the area’s rapper, actor and athlete crowd — in customed-made diamond-studded chains, Cartier eyeglasses, rings, bracelets and Olde English D pendants. The business was started by Hutchinson’s parents at the now-shuttered Northland Mall in 1990.

A number of out-of-state celebrities became dedicated customers of Hutch the Jeweler’s and often showed off his custom-made pieces on their social media accounts. Best-selling Miami rapper Rick Ross is one of the jewelry store’s most loyal patrons.