No stranger to being accused of heinous acts of violence, Outlaws Motorcycle Club member Greg (Stinky) Umphress, Jr. is a fugitive of the law in Florida, wanted for murder. The 32-year Umphress had an arrest warrant issued for him last week on first-degree murder charges stemming from the execution-style killing of Kingsmen Motorcycle Club chieftain David (Gutter) Donovan at a gas station in Central Florida back in April, but has fled authorities’ attempts to detain him.

Seven years ago, he walked away virtually unscathed from attacking a bar patron with a ball-peen hammer in a fight over food. Umphress was initially charged with attempted murder and then aggravated assault by prosecutors in Florida for the November 2009 beating, which occurred outside of the Papa Bear’s Den bar and grill in West Palm Beach after Umphress grabbed a handful of French fries off a random customer’s plate as he left the establishment.

The customer followed Umphress, flanked by a group of Outlaws, to the parking lot to confront him regarding the gesture and Umphress proceeded to take the hammer from its hiding place in a storage compartment on his Harley Davidson bike and slam it into his victim’s face. Two more Outlaws allegedly jumped into the altercation, smacking the victim over the head with a beer bottle and stomping him several times as he lay cowering and in pain on the pavement.

At trial in June 2010, Umphress was found not guilty of the aggravated battery charge, but guilty of a lesser battery count. He wound up doing less than six months in the county jail. His dad, former Florida Outlaws member Greg (Hoss) Umpress, Sr., died four months later in the days before Thanksgiving.

The younger Umphress is one of four Florida Outlaws indicted in Gutter Donovan’s slaying. The Ocala, Florida Outlaws chapter president Marc (Not Quite) Knotts and Ocala chapter members Jesus (Ace) Marrero and Miquel (Toe Jam) Torres have also been charged in the case. Knotts and Marrero are in custody. Torres, like Umphress, remains at large and is currently on the run.

According to a police report from the incident obtained this week by The Orlando Sentinel, Umphress, Marrerro and Torres put a knife to Kingsmen vice president Gutter Donovan’s throat as he exited a Circle K gas station in Leesburg, Florida on the evening of April 29 and forced him to his knees on the side of the building facing Knotts. When Donovan, the No. 2 man in the Lake County, Florida Kingsmen chapter, refused Knotts’ demand that he remove his Kingsmen colors and cut (rocker vest), Knotts ordered him murdered, imploring his Outlaw underlings to “shoot that motherfucker.”

Donovan was shot in the head and the back, dying after a two-week fight for his life in the hospital. Which Outlaw Knotts had actually pull the trigger in the execution is unclear. Knotts himself was then shot three times in the back from the gas station entranceway by a Kingsmen brother of Donovan as he went to get on his bike and leave the scene.

Per recent statements by police, the Outlaws are in the midst of staging a campaign to assume complete control of the state of Florida’s biker world, a region the club has maintained a stronghold in dating back a half-century – according to informants, the Outlaws, headquartered out of the Midwest, but gangland powerbrokers across the American South too, have started to demand that all other biker groups in the  state either disband, be absorbed into the Outlaws or openly wear an Outlaws “support patch” on their rig and gear.

The Kingsmen, a club based out of New York, only declared itself a “One Percent” gang (an organized criminal endeavor) four years ago. Kingsmen national president David (Big Dave) Pirk, who lives in Florida and triumphed in a club civil war for the right to become part of the One Percent Nation, is currently under indictment for racketeering and murder.

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