June 20, 2020 — The Motown biker world was shook last week when well-liked Highwaymen Motorcycle Club member Ron (Greedy) Davies was killed in a grisly triple homicide. Davies, 49, and two associates were found dead in Davies’ burned down house on Detroit’s eastside on the morning of June 11. Two of the victims had been shot to death.

According to sources, Davies “patched in” with The Highwaymen in 1999. Those sources say Highwaymen shot callers in the Motor City are huddling to figure out the club’s next move in relation to a response. Detroit Police detectives have taken at least two men in for questioning regarding the murders and arson that occurred at Davies’ residence off 7 Mile Road.

The Highwaymen are the state of Michigan’s largest biker gang, founded in Detroit in 1954 by Elburn (Big Max) Burns. The club maintains chapters in Indiana, Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, New York and New Jersey. There are eight chapters in Michigan – Downtown Detroit, Eastside Detroit, Westside Detroit, Northwest Detroit, Downriver, Ann Arbor, Lansing and Monroe.

Over the years, the Highwaymen have forged alliances with Detroit’s Italian mafia and Hispanic street gangs operating near the club’s Westside “mothership” chapter. The feds dismantled the club’s national leadership, located out of Southeastern Michigan, with a giant 2007 racketeering indictment. In the 2010s, the Highwaymen underwent a rebuild, per sources, with the club striving for a more business-like approach to affairs and displaying a more polished PR game.

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