Motown Wiseguy Will Do More Than A Year In The Joint For Spearheading Internet Betting Racket

Detroit mob associate Thomas (Tommy the Lackey) Mackey was sentenced to a year and a half in federal prison last week for his role as the head of an on-line sports bookmaking ring run out of Luciano’s, a suburban Italian restaurant and local mafia dining staple for years. The 59-year old Mackey, sometimes referred to as “Irish Tommy” or “The Leprechaun,” is a reputed top lieutenant and close friend of alleged Detroit mob street boss Pete Tocco, also known as “P.T.” “Specs” or “Blackie.”

He’s not unfamiliar with life behind prison walls.

Tocco and Mackey were busted together in a 2006 federal RICO indictment for overseeing area gambling affairs. Both did two years as guests of the government. Reputed Detroit mafia don Jack (Jackie the Kid) Giacalone was indicted in the case, however, beat the case at trial a year later.

Mackey’s current case came down in 2014 and led to the arrest and eventual conviction of eight Mackey subordinates in the gambling operation. Everybody, including Mackey, pled guilty. In fact, Mackey was the first to cop a plea, debriefing for authorities about the conspiracy (but not other mob activity), which essentially forced his eight co-defendants to enter guilty pleas as well. Mackey’s wife filed for divorce back in the fall, shortly after he cut his deal with the Feds.

The bookmaking conspiracy was hosted on an internet betting site called The 2014 bust spawned from an anonymous 2012 tip to local police who soon thereafter handed the investigation over to the FBI. Mackey’s bookmaking partner, Kenny Green, another veteran of the southeast Michigan gambling scene, was indicted in the 2014 case too. Nobody besides Mackey is expected to do time behind bars.


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