February 20, 2020 — Detroit drug kingpin DeMarco (Polo) Temple was sentenced to 30 years in prison this week in federal court after being convicted in a widespread narcotics and racketeering case. The 31-year old Temple and a dozen underlings were indicted for pushing heroin, cocaine and Fentanyl in the summer of 2016. Authorities consider Fentanyl from the Temple organization, based on Detroit’s east side, responsible for a number of overdoses and at least one death.

Eleven of those indicted in 2016 pleaded guilty, while Temple and his half brother and second-in-charge Kenny (K.O) Sadler went to trial in March 2019 and were found guilty. Sadler was sentenced to 25 years back in the fall. One of those convicted, Temple lieutenant, Haratio (Show Nuff) Heard, was slain in October 2018, just weeks before he was scheduled to report to prison to begin serving his 10-year sentence.

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