Monsters Of The Midway Mounting Up For War: Tensions Rise In CHI In Wake Of Mongols MC Coming To Windy City

November 21, 2022 — The Mongols Motorcycle Club is invading the Midwest and challenging the Outlaws MC for power in the region.

The Mongols MC set up shop in Chicago in 2019, according to police records. The Outlaws, the preeminent biker club in the Midwest for more than a half-century, were founded in the Chicago area and loom large in the region. The Mongols are a West Coast based club, founded in California and home to many Mexican bikers. Chicago is attractive to the Mongols because of its rich recruiting pool of Hispanics.

Earlier this month, a shooting erupted between the Mongols and Outlaws in the parking lot of Bar 171 in Chicago’s Archer Heights neighborhood on the Southside near Midway Airport. Five bikers were wounded in the incident, four from the Outlaws and one from the Mongols.

The Archer Heights shootout was fallout from a shooting at a bar in Berwyn, Illinois between Outlaws and Mongols last year. A number of the Outlaws involved in the November 2022 altercation were present at the February 2021 flareup.

An ATF memo on the strife notes the Mongols presence at biker rallies in Michigan, Indiana and Illinois as far back as 2017. Two informants cited in the memo described the Mongols attendance at those rallies “scouting missions.” Like Illinois, the states of Michigan and Indiana have long been considered Outlaws MC territory.

Upon the Mongols arriving in Chicago three years ago, the club announced their presence to the city and the Outlaws specifically, by staging a drive-by parade in front of the Outlaws “Mother Chapter” clubhouse on the city’s Southside, per federal documents and eye-witnesses. The Outlaws MC currently has its national president, John (Tommy O) Ermin, stationed in Buffalo, New York.

In recent years, the Mongols solidified an alliance with the Pagan’s Motorcycle Club as a part of the Pagan’s “Blue Wave” expansion campaign. Tracing its roots to Maryland, West Virginia and Pennsylvania, the Pagan’s have focused on recruiting Hispanic members as a means of aiding the club’s push westward.

The Pagan’s and Outlaws have clashed in the Blue Wave era, with shootouts erupting in Oklahoma and Tennessee in the past 18 months. There are some of the belief that the Pagan’s ambitious expansion plan emboldened their new-affiliate Mongols in a move into the Midwest.

“This is all because of Conan Richter, he gave the Mongols the green-light to come and try this shit,” one biker

world insider said.

Keith (Conan the Barbarian) Richter conceived the Blue Wave mandate when he grabbed power as national boss of the Pagan’s in 2017. Richter was jailed last year due to a gun charge, stepping aside, at least temporarily, from his role as the club’s president.