January 10, 2021 – Chicago mob-connected bookmaker Greg Paloian pleaded guilty to federal gambling charges this week. Paloian was busted for bookmaking back in the fall. He’s been running an Outfit-backed sports gambling operation in Melrose Park and Elmwood Park since 2015 and faces three years in prison at his sentencing hearing in April.

The 66-year old Paloian is tied to reputed Outfit underboss and Cicero crew skipper James (Jimmy the Icepick) Inendino. His rap sheet goes back decades and includes convictions for racketeering, bookmaking and loan sharking.

According to a 2002 sentencing memo, Paloian was a part of the Cicero mob regime. As part of 1998 racketeering case, Paloian admitted his friendship with Inendino and the fact that would send his bookmaking customers in need of a street loan to “Jimmy I,” a man suspected in taking part in multiple gangland hits as a member of the so-called “Wild Bunch” hit team of the 1970s and 80s. The Wild Bunch was the Cicero crew’s enforcement wing.

Inendino, 77, has led the Circero crew since 2010. Per sources, he was recently promoted to the organization’s No. 2 slot, per sources. Jimmy I did eight years in federal prison for racketeering in the 2000s,

When the feds raided Paloian’s residence in 1996, agents discovered $200,000 in cash, a cache of jewelry and a box containing uncut diamonds and South African Krugerrand. A Paloian-owned trucking company was probed in the much-covered Hired Truck Scandal from the early 2000s, however, Paloian was never indicted in the case..

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