February 25, 2020 — Police in New Orleans believe revenge was the motive in the New Years Day murder of gang member Chris (C-Boogie) McCann and that his killers were planning on bumping him off since he had gotten out of prison back in the summer, per law enforcement sources in the Big Easy. The exact motive for the slaying is unknown at this time.

The 45-year old McCann was a part of the notorious 3NG Gang and walked out of a ten year prison stint in July 2019. He was busted with 3NG boss Kevin (Slick Black) Hickerson in a 2013 drug, murder and racketeering indictment and had been incarcerated since October 2009 on unrelated charges. McCann himself was not convicted of any acts of violence.

At around 5:30 pm on January 1, McCann was shot to death as he drove on Claiborne Street in what witnesses described as a high speed chase ending with McCann slamming his vehicle into a telephone pole. McCann was released from prison on July 21.

The 3NG crew has been involved in a long standing beef with rival drug gangs dating back to the early 2000s. The beef claimed the lives of New Orleans hip hop stars Soulja Slim and Magnolia Shorty. Soulja Slim was a seminal rap artist for Master P’s glitzy, groundbreaking No Limit Records label. Magnolia Shorty was the “First Lady of Cash Money Records,” and found herself collateral damage of the warfare in 2010 — being in the wrong place at the wrong time when 3NG gunmen sprayed a car belonging to a man 3NG suspected was tied to the 2003 Soulja Slim homicide.

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