According to exclusive Gangster Report sources, former Black Mafia Family leaders are denouncing the recent slaying of Detroit BMF member Ricky (Slick) McFarlin, saying the murder had nothing to do with BMF business. McFarlin, 36, was killed execution style, found shot to death inside a Westside Detroit home back on December 20, 2016. He had been released from federal prison in October after serving nearly 10 years behind bars on drug conspiracy charges. Rumors of a BMF resurgence in syndicate hotbeds like Detroit and Atlanta have abounded for the last few years.

“This wasn’t connected to BMF, ” one source said. “This was cowboy shit, someone trying to make a name for themselves on the street. Nobody called this in, it wasn’t an arranged job.”

Slick McFarlin went down in the epic Operation Motor City Mafia bust of the mid-2000s, a string of indictments and convictions which crippled the historic narcotics organization and locked up the entirety of the group’s command structure, including Detroiter, BMF founder and boss Demetrius (Big Meech) Flenory, who by that time had relocated to Atlanta and was deeply embedded in hip hop culture and the rap game as well as reveling in his status as the nation’s preeminent drug kingpin. The landmark legal assault snared close to 200 people. There were no murders charged in any of the cases though.

BMF is one of the lesser-violent high-profile drug gangs in American underworld lore. McFarlin is the first known member of BMF to be killed.

Police in Detroit found McFarlin and one-time pro football player Robert Eddins side by side lying face down in the basement of Eddins’ residence on Pierson Street each shot in the back of the head. Eddins was on the Buffalo Bills roster in 2011 after starring in college at Ball State University where he played defensive end. Sources in law enforcement say the grisly double homicide is being considered drug related.

Started in Southwest Detroit’s Delray neighborhood in 1990, BMF went on to spawn “franchises” all across the country, making hundreds of millions of dollars and going on to dominate the American wholesale cocaine market at the beginning of the New Millennium.The magnetic 48-year old Big Meech Flenory pled guilty in 2007 and was hit with a 30-year prison sentence. His scheduled release date is in December 2031 when he’ll be 61.

In addition to McFarlin’s death, BMF lost one of its most beloved female affiliates in late 2016 with the sudden passing of Renita (Mama Juice) Clay. A confidant and legitimate business partner of Big Meech’s, Clay succumbed to complications resulting from in a seizure she experienced in September. Mama Juice and Big Meech co-owned Juice Magazine, a rap music publication of the early 2000s. At its peak, BMF maintained its own music label.

BMF luminary Chauncey (C-Bear) Johnson got out of prison from the Motor City Mafia bust in the summer of 2015 and has publically vowed to take the BMF name in a different direction, away from its links to the street and illegal behavior. Johnson, 46, owns the BMF licensing trademark and is reportedly acting as Big Meech’s main advisor and representative in dealing with Hollywood’s increasing interest in developing the BMF story for both a movie and a television show. Rapper-turned-actor 50 Cent is working on a TV adaption for the Starz Network (where his hit show Power airs) and hip-hopper-turned-Oscar-nominated-actress Queen Latifah is trying to take the tale of BMF to the big screen as an executive producer.

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