Less than a month away from getting off probation, longtime Philadelphia mobster Gaeton Lucibello is being charged with violating his parole conditions for meeting with fellow Bruno-Scarfo crime family member Salvatore (Sonny) Mazzone at a bocce ball game being held at Marconi Plaza park in South Philly back in the fall, according to federal filings first reported by ace FOXPhilly29 investigative reporter Dave Schratwieser. Mazzone is the baby brother of reputed Philadelphia mob underboss Steven (Handsome Stevie) Mazzone.

The 65-year old Lucibello, a one-time caporegime in the local mob during the 2000s, got out of federal prison on a racketeering case in 2015. He was due “off paper” on February 1. Instead, he’ll do 30 days in jail. When first asked about the interaction with the younger Mazzone at the bocce ball game, Lucibello lied to his parole officer, per the filings. Marconi Plaza is famous for its statute of explorer Christopher Columbus.

Lucibello pled guilty to his role in a 2011 indictment of Philly mafia administrators. Back in the 1990s, he beat a federal racketeering and murder case in court, testifying successfully on his own behalf.

FBI records allege Lucibello was groomed in the mob by deceased crime family consigliere Joseph (Joe Crutch) Curro. With ties to area the steelworkers and ironworkers unions, Lucibello once quarterbacked the syndicate’s numbers lottery business and helped oversee its video poker machine racket. Part of his plea deal from the 2011 bust made him admit to collecting a street tax from video poker machine owners for imprisoned bosses of his.

Since the 1990s, Lucibello has been closely aligned with Handsome Stevie Mazzone and Mazzone’s best friend, Philly mafia don Joseph (Skinny Joey) Merlino. Sonny Mazzone is alleged to have been inducted into the Bruno-Scarfo borgata at some point in the past decade. Merlino, 55, goes on trial in New York City for health fraud and bookmaking next week – he relocated to Florida after his release from a 12-year prison stint in early 2011. Luciebllo’s nephew, Raymond (Ray Wags) Wagner has acted as Merlino’s chauffer for years.

Gaeton Lucibello

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