August 31, 2019 — The murder of Four Corner Hustlers street gang member Dominique (Snoopy) Green in Chicago in the summer of 2012 set off a violent chain reaction. Snoopy Green was the brother of Four Corner Hustlers enforcer Keith (Lil’ Keith) Chatman. He was slain in a hale of bullets on August 1, 2012. Hours later, on August 2, 2012, the two young men believed responsible for Green’s murder, 16 year olds Cornell Ferguson and Johnqualus Turner, were gunned down in an unsolved double homicide currently being probed by authorities.

Chatman, 31, both pleaded guilty to federal narcotics trafficking charges this summer. Chatman is viewed by the DEA as a suspect in the Ferguson and Turner murders. He told agents he “cried for two days straight” after his close pal Snoopy Green was killed.

The Four Corner Hustlers are a powerful and violent street gang from the south side of Chicago. Weeks before Ferguson and Turner were killed, Four Corner Hustlers lieutenant Rontrell (Mane Mane) Turnipseed’s brother was slain and according to informants, Mane Mane Turnipseed and gangbanger Marchello Devine retaliated by shooting the assailant to death. Turnipseed rapped for Chicago “drill rap” pioneer Chief Keef’s Glo Gang label before he was busted in the 2017 case.

Four Corner Hustlers shot caller LaBar (Bro Man) Spann and two others will head to trial in 2020 on six gangland slayings from the early 2000s. Along with Turnipseed, Devine Chatman and a half-dozen other “4s,” they were all indicted in 2017. Turnipseed, Devine and Chatman aren’t named in any of the murders charged in the case. Like Chatman, Turnipseed and Devine copped pleas this summer. The 40-year old, wheelchair-bound Spann has pleaded not guilty and is being held without bond as he awaits to have his day in front of a jury.

Per informants, Spann was present in a “blocking” van when Lil’ Keith Chatman unloaded an AK-47 clip into Ferguson and Turner from the passengers side of a Nissan Ultima. Per sources, the feds are aiming to reel Chatman into a future murder case charging the Ferguson-Turner homicides and possibly an additional killing from 2015. Chatman’s plea in his current case explicitly states he denies involvement in any acts of violence.

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