August 22, 2019 — Another member of the Four Corner Hustlers street gang pleaded guilty to a federal drug and racketeering indictment this week, shedding one more co-defendant for an upcoming pair of trials which started with 11 alleged “Hustlers” ready to face a jury and is now down to six. The No. 1 target of the case remains though: His name is Labar (Bro Man) Spann and he’s considered one of the most powerful and lethal crime lords in Chicago.

Marchello Devine, one of a Spann’s lieutenants, copped a plea on Wednesday. He’s the third defendant in the case to plead out this summer. Several of the defendants in the case are reportedly friends with Chicago rap star Chief Keef.

The first trial in the case is scheduled to start in September, The 40-year old wheelchair- bound Spann and two others will go to trial next year with prosecutors seeking the death penalty as punishment for a half-dozen gang related homicides.

The Four Corner Hustlers are a notoriously violent and ruthless street gang based mainly on the Westside and a Southwest side of Chicago. The “4s” are known for being very thorough in completing crimes, especially murder. One of their former leaders, Angelo Roberts, was once arrested trying to buy a rocket launcher to shoot at the front door of the Wentworth Avenue Chicago Police Station.

Back in the spring, Sam (Sammie the Bug) Booker, Bro Man Spann’s right-hand man, flipped and cut a cooperation deal with the feds. Booker is the third defendant in the case to jump ship to Team America.

The sweeping indictment landed in 2017, charging Spann and ten of his men with a wide array of narcotics offenses and wanton violence. There are six murders charged in the case, all occurring between 2000 and 2003. The U.S. Attorneys Office linked Spann and his henchmen to three additional 2012 killings.

Bro Man Spann is the undisputed boss of the Four Corner Hustlers. His reputation on the streets and behind bars precedes him and his felony arrest record dates back to 1996. Spann survived an assassination attempt that paralyzed him from the waist down.

According to prosecutors, Spann ordered and took part in the June 2003 slaying of Rudy (Kato) Rangel, the boss of the Chicago Latin Kings Nation. Rangel was subsequently immortalized in the DMX song Yo Kato.

Per the indictment, Rangel is alleged to have stolen 150 kilos of cocaine from Spann’s Four Corner Hustlers. He had been a conduit for many Chicago street gangs to the menacing Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico. Spann previously beat a murder rap tied to the Rangel hit.

This story was filed by Gangster Report Chicago correspondent David McEvers.

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