July 4, 2020 – The murder of reputed Connecticut biker boss Joseph (HoJo) Ferraiolo a little more than 10 years ago concluded the first major flare up in New England in the ongoing war between The Outlaws Motorcycle Club and the Hells Angels, per sources. Federal authorities fear violence could be on the horizon again.

Ferraiolo, who was allegedly the president of The Outlaws chapter in Waterbury, was gunned down on the back porch of his A Touch of Color tattoo parlor in Hamden, Connecticut on the night of February 9, 2010. No arrests have ever been made in the case. The Hamden Police and the FBI still consider it an open investigation.

According to sources, Ferraiolo, 64, had prospected for the Hells Angels before joining The Outlaws years later and taking over the Waterbury chapter. The two clubs have been at war since the 1970s.

Connecticut was Ground Zero for Outlaws-Hells Angels tensions in the region in mid-to-late 2000s. On April 2, 2006, the state’s Hells Angel boss, Roger (Bear) Mariani, was shot to death on his bike riding northbound on I-95. Mariani’s murder laid the groundwork for what happened to HoJo Ferraiolo in 2010, per sources.

Then things went quiet.

Until now.

The Outlaws have aggressively expanded its ranks in New England during the past 18 months, opening five new chapters in Massachusetts, Vermont and Rhode Island, per court records. That brings the club’s total number of chapters in the region to 12, equal to that of the Hells Angels. The FBI circulated a memo within federal law enforcement in 2019 detailing the delicate situation, specifically honing in on The Outlaws desire to grow their presence in the area.

The Outlaws are traditionally a Midwest club while the Hells Angels started in California, prior to planting its first east coast flag in New York City in 1969. A war broke out in 1974 when three Hells Angels from Boston were lured down to Florida and killed for an attack on a member of The Outlaws at a New Year’s Eve party in Manhattan months before.

Back in the fall, The Outlaws’ Joseph (Little Jo Jo) Noe, Jr. of the club’s newly-formed Fall River, Massachusetts chapter was charged with killing rival biker Eric Voshell of The Sidewinders MC, in a shooting that took place in September in a Fall River tavern’s parking lot. The Sidewinders are known as one of the area’s Hells Angels support clubs. The 25-year old Little Jo Jo Noe. Jr. has pleaded not guilty in the case.

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