Imprisoned Florida Outlaws Motorcycle Club member Pedro (Pistol Pete) Saladrigas died recently of natural causes serving a life sentence in a Daytona Beach state prison for a double murder. He was 60 years old and in the club’s South Florida chapter based in Ft. Lauderdale. Saladrigas had been behind bars for more than three decades.

On Thanksgiving night 1984, Pistol Pete was involved in a brawl inside a local Ft. Lauderdale watering hole known as the Bimini Sea Shack that spilled out into the parking lot and ended up gunning down 29-year old bartender Robert Aunapu and a female patron named Carla McClain. Aunapu and Saladrigas were two of the main combatants in the brawl — Aunapu had thrown Saladrigas and his Outlaws pals out of the establishment moments earlier. McClain, 31, was an innocent bystander.

Saladrigas went to trial in January 1986 and was found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder. He claimed he only opened fire with his weapon after Aunapu pointed a shotgun at him, pleading self-defense.

The Outlaws are headquartered in the Midwest, but has kept a stronghold in Florida dating back to the early 1970s. The club maintains a robust 16 chapters across the Sunshine State. The first chapter in the state was founded out of a West Palm Beach bar called Kitty’s in 1967.

“Pistol Pete” Saladrigas

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