Federal investigators had recently-slain Detroit rapper Rodney (Doughboy Roc) Yeargin in their sights, at least partially due to a tip received following a drug raid carried out in a Southeast Michigan suburb earlier this year, according to sources. Yeargin, 29, was killed this week on Detroit’s westside, shot to death behind the wheel of his car. His murder is being probed for links to the local drug trade.

On February 28, 2017, Yeargin was intercepted by DEA agents boarding a plane from Detroit to Arizona where agents confiscated over $50,000 in cash the popular hip-hopper was holding on his person and in his luggage. The Detroit News was the first to report the seizure. The government believes the money was either the proceeds or the payment in a drug transaction. Less than two months later, Yeargin was arrested by police in Detroit and charged in a pair of cocaine cases, which he pled out in and got probation.

Yeargin was part of the Doughboyz Cashout rap group. Doughboyz Cashout, the most well known of today’s underground hip hop acts in Michigan beloved by droves of fan for their gritty, “ghetto fabulous” lyrics and vivid storytelling about street life, has been signed to Young Jeezy’s CTE label under the Def Jam banner since 2013. His arrest record included two firearm offenses and a drug and weapons arrest in West Virginia six years ago.

The interaction Yeargin had with the DEA at Detroit Metropolitan Airport back in the winter was a result of a raid on a suspected drug house in Waterford, Michigan weeks earlier, according to sources familiar with the inquiry into Yeargin’s affairs. Both an attorney representing Yeargin and the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office have filed lawsuits in federal court to retrieve the cash. Yeargin’s lawyer, Ivan Land claims the money came from his client’s music career.

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