The Giacalone brothers (“Tony Jack” & “Billy Jack”) were the Detroit mafia’s street bosses in the second half of the 20th Century, the proverbial “faces of the franchise” for the mob in Motown from the 1950s into the 2000s. Below are snippets of FBI wire transcripts from the bug at their Home Juice Company headquarters in the 1960s. The wiring operation wasn’t court authorized, so the damning evidence — hundreds of hours worth of incriminating statements and conversations regarding a multitude of illegal affairs — never made it into any indictments. Tony Jack died of kidney failure in 2001. Billy Jack passed away of natural causes in 2012.

The Home Juice Wire Job

Billy Giacalone – I’ve got the same blue Ford following me the last ten fucking days. The day they ain’t trailing me anymore is the day I’ll know they’re coming with the cuffs. That’s when I’ll know something’s up.

Billy Giacalone – The kid’s a helluva singer, he’s a gambling degenerate though and he owes us $25k. He owes our guy Johnny four, five thousand, he’s into the Melrose Linen people (the Tocco brothers) for four, five large, he owes the Outfit in Chicago close to 45 grand ‘cause he always out there doing shows. He’s paying the Chicago boys off, but we haven’t seen a cent yet, so we cut him off. I’ve been vouching for this kid, keeping Chicago from chopping his head off and he needs to make a dent in his debt here before we’re taking his action again. I brought him down here the other day, I said either you or your dad is giving me 10k next week. His dad owes Chicago $3,500. Like father, like son these two. He tells me his dad was going to send him on vacation to Vegas, I said the fuck he is. So you can go there and spend my money, throw it away at the tables? That ain’t happening. I told him if I hear he’s in Vegas, I’m feeding him to the wolves. I call his dad in, I say what the fuck are you thinking? You want to get your kid in more trouble than he already is? You’re enabling this behavior. You’ve got a good kid, he’s going to get hurt if you don’t rein him in. The dad says, we’ll give you a piece of his singing career. I said, I don’t want to be in the music business. That’s not my thing. Just get this thing fixed.

Tony Giacalone — This cocksucker is looking to send me to jail. That mother fucker is coming after me and you’re having him over to swim in your pool, you’re sitting with him, you’re breaking bread with him, you’re palling around with him? Go ahead, deny it. Tell me I’m wrong. That’s what I thought. You just ruined my whole fucking night. Get the fuck out of my office.

Tony Giacalone — We’re talking about $200,000 to spread around. We take ours. The one guy gets 15 percent of that. The other guy gets 10 percent. He loses five for what he already owes us from before. This guy was making money hand over fist for years and we don’t see a motherfucking dime? Where did all the money go, Billy? Do you even know how much we’re talking about? Your head would fucking swim. We’re talking millions. Seven, eight years of stealing, booking, shy, everything. He don’t have to share? Since when are we giving passes out?

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