Detroit’s biggest reputed heroin kingpin appears to be on the cusp of being indicted for his alleged large-scale drug-dealing activities amid his rise as a hip hop mogul in the independent rap game. Forty-seven year old Brian (Peanut) Brown, already a convicted narcotics trafficker and the founder and CEO of BMB Records, has been the target of a DEA probe the last four-plus years, according to an enthralling in-depth expose detailing Brown’s affairs this week in The Detroit News read here.

Peanut Brown is currently under indictment on a gun-possession charge from last March. U.S. Federal Judge Nancy Edmunds declined to revoke his bond Wednesday in the wake of The Detroit News piece running and prosecutors arguing he’s a danger to the community. He’s due in court next for a status hearing on June 29.

Since the DEA investigation into Brown started towards the end of 2012 via an informant’s tip, authorities have seized more than a half-million dollars in cash and eight kilos of heroin in over a half-dozen raids linked to the inquiry into Brown’s reputed wholesale drug pushing. The government considers Brown the No. 1 heroin czar in the Midwest and credits him with peddling almost 500 pounds of heroin the past two years alone, mainly in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, but also dipping into locales like Alabama, Virginia and Maryland.

BMB Records is an independent rap music label based in Detroit and home to Motor City MC staple Trick Trick, notorious hip-hop lothario Ray J, rapper-actor Bre-Z of the hit Fox TV show Empire and hot-tongued female spitter Charli Baltimore, who was dating rap legend Notorious B.I.G at the time of his still-unsolved murder in 1997. Brown himself romanced Baltimore until they had a physical altercation last spring according to an affidavit in a court filing.

Brown’s wife Akia is also being investigated by the DEA for aiding her husband in his narcotics transactions and money laundering, per The Detroit News piece. The couple is reportedly starring in an upcoming television reality show for the Lifetime Network titled Detroit Dynasty.

BMB Records was incorporated with the state of Michigan in the spring of 2013. Brown personally arranged for an undercover DEA agent to pick up $236,000 in cash at a Metro Detroit Olive Garden restaurant and the DEA listened in on a federal informant’s cell phone when Brown arranged for the informant to pick up another $100,000 at a Bob Evans diner near Brown’s palatial Warren, Michigan residence.

According to court records, Brown owns at least 20 luxury automobiles and a number of homes. When he first got out of prison at the beginning of the decade, he resided in Atlanta where he made valuable contacts in the rap-music industry.

Representing Browm in his current weapons case is renowned Motown criminal defense attorney Steve Fishman, famous in legal circles across Southeast Michigan for repping former Detroit drug barons like Francis (Big Frank Nitti) Usher, Leroy (The Gun) Buttrom, Quasand (Q-Dawg) Lewis and Demetrius Holloway. Fishman got Usher, the city’s premier urban crime lord of the late 1970s, acquitted in a triple beheading case known as the Michigan Democratic Social Club Massacre.

Brown was nailed for selling cocaine in 1999 and spent the first decade of the New Millennium behind bars. He was released from federal prison in November 2010. Brown’s burgeoning cocaine business fell apart when two of his underlings, the Simpson brothers (Donnell and Ronnie), began cooperating and brought down Brown, his then-top two lieutenants Shawn (Click) McKinney and Roy (Jo Jo) Wells and several others.

Photo credit: Rolling Out

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