The Outlaws Motorcycle Club’s headquarters in St. Petersburg, Florida was destroyed by a fire last week amid undergoing renovations. Authorities believe arson was involved in the blaze which occurred on August 25. Responders allegedly recovered traces of an accelerant, according to television news reports out of Tampa.

Based and founded in the Midwest, the Outlaws have always maintained a stronghold in the American South, especially Florida, where the club has 16 individual chapters spread throughout the state. The Tampa area is considered “Ground Zero” for Outlaws in Florida.

Back in July, the Outlaws’ St. Petersburg chapter president James Costa survived an attempt on his life when he was shot by rivals while driving his motorcycle. Costa is a retired firehouse captain who worked for the Hillsborough County Fire Department.

Florida has been buzzing with Outlaws violence in recent months. Veteran Jacksonville chapter member Christopher (Louie the Lip) Keating was stabbed to death in a Daytona Beach bar brawl in April. That same month, Ocala chapter president Marc (Knothead) Knotts allegedly ordered and personally oversaw the execution of Kingsmen MC vice president David (Gutter) Donovan on the final day of a Florida biker fest. Knotts and three other Ocala Outlaws are currently in jail awaiting trial for Donovan’s slaying.

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