Words from the grave — the voice of slain New England mob associate Stevie DiSarro was heard in federal court this week talking on a FBI wiretap about his pending purchase of the iconic Channel nightclub. DiSarro’s purchase of the storied South Boston rock music venue which he eventually turned into a strip club was financed by former Patriarca crime family boss Francis (Cadillac Frank) Salemme, currently on trial for DiSarro’s murder. The 43-year old DiSarro disappeared in May 1993 after a falling out with Salemme over skimmed profits from their business partnership and his potential cooperation with the FBI and IRS following him getting jammed up in a bank and real estate fraud case.

Salemme, 84, was ripped out of the Witness Protection Program two years ago in the wake of authorities unearthing DiSarro’s remains behind a Providence, Rhode Island mill in March 2016. The one-time don turned witness for the government in 1999, but neglected to inform the FBI of his alleged involvement in ordering DiSarro’s slaying.

Below is a transcript from an FBI wire in 1992 intercepting a conversation between DiSarro and Boston Irish mobster George Kauffman discussing among other things, DiSarro’s purchasing The Channel. Kauffman acted as an intermediary for the city’s Irish mob and Salemme’s Italian organized crime outfit. Salemme would often visit Kauffman at Kauffman’s Brookline, Massachusetts auto repair shop and Kauffman helped Salemme extort a series of Jewish bookmakers in the early 1990s.

The Wire:

DiSarro – Hi George

Kauffman – What’s up my man?

DiSarro – How are ya?

Kauffman – What’s going on?

DiSarro – Did you get that agreement?

Kauffman – Yeah

DiSarro – Is it Ok?

Kauffman – I hope so

DiSarro – Alright, so they signed it and everything?

Kauffman – Yeah

DiSarro – Ok

Kauffman – What’s new with you?

DiSarro – Not much, we’re putting some deals together, we’re working hard

Kauffman – They closed down the Channel, huh?

DiSarro – Yep

Kauffman – So what’s going to happen now?

DiSarro – What’s going to happen now is we’re going to get it for nothing

Kauffman – You’re going to get it?

DiSarro – Yup

Kauffman – Yeah, beautiful

DiSarro – But instead of it costing $600,000, it’s gonna cost 10

Kauffman – Beautiful

DiSarro – Little different, right?

Kauffman – That’ s saving a couple yards for ya for sure

DiSarro – Is Jimmy around?

Kauffman – He’s around somewhere

DiSarro – Is he around the garage?

Kauffman – No, he was here, but he took off, he should be back anytime now

DiSarro – Ok, I want to see him, should I come down to the garage?

Kauffman – I don’t know if he’s gonna come back down here or if he’s going over to Cambridge, you want his number?

DiSarro – Just have him call me, he has the number

Kauffman – Alright, see ya later buddy

DiSarro – Bye, Georgie, take care


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