April 8, 2020 – Rivals of retired New York mafia don John (Junior) Gotti had informants plant false tips with the FBI and the feds are aware of the intelligence gleaned regarding accusations of Gotti middling relations between the Italian mob and the Latin Kings being compromised, per GR sources.

Last week, both Gangland News and the New York Daily News reported the FBI was investigating Gotti’s possible role in arranging two Latin Kings meetings in 2019 held at the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Society Social Club in Springfield, Massachusetts, long known as home base for the Genovese crime family’s Western Mass. wing. GR sources in law enforcement say no charges against Gotti are expected to be filed.

Gangland News scribe Jerry Capeci, the undisputed Dean of American mob journalism, broke the story of the freshly-baked federal Gotti probe. The Latin Kings are an Hispanic organized crime group. Gotti, 56, led the Gambino crime family in the 1990s, taking over from his imprisoned father, the legendary John (The Dapper Don) Gotti. He is friendly with the uncle of a Latin Kings shot caller.

Since Gotti left the mob behind in the 2000s after beating four consecutive racketeering trials, he’s been in an open beef with a former crew member of his named John Alite, who once helped the Gambinos run their affairs in Florida. The Albanian Alite has published two books on his life in the Gambino Italian mob and bragged of romancing Gottiā€™s sister, Reality TV queen Victoria Gotti Agnello.

Alite, 57, turned government informant in 2007 and testified against Gotti, admitting to committing murders on behalf of the Gambino regime with Gotti and being involved in a plan to kill Gotti when Gotti had a falling out with his uncles over Gambino business. Gotti’s dad, the Dapper Don, died behind bars of cancer in 2002, a genuine underworld icon of the highest degree.

In recent years, Alite and other anti-Gotti agitators have waged war against Junior Gotti on the internet and via social media. Gotti and his brothers and sisters have fought back, lobbing their own on-line assault of barbs and allegations and doing media interviews attacking Alite. It’s unknown if it was Alite and his loyalists that were “tickling the wire” with the FBI, but GR sources claim the FBI knows the information coming to them was an attempt to twist the narrative related to Gotti’s links to the Latin Kings.

Gotti is friends with Genovese mob associate David (Fat Chicky) Cecchetelli, a convicted bookmaker from Springfield. For the last three years, Cecchetelli has worked as a social media promoter for Gotti’s son, MMA fighter John Gotti III.

Fat Chicky’s nephew, Michael (King Merlin) Cecchetelli, is the boss of the Latin Kings on the east coast. King Merlin, 40, reports directly to Latin Kings national leadership in Chicago and was indicted along with 60 Latin Kings and Latin Kings associates for racketeering back in December. Fat Chicky is facing an unrelated gun charge. Numerous photos of the Cecchetellis posing with Gotti and Gotti’s son can be found on social media platforms.

As part of the Latin Kings December 2019 indictment, U.S. Attorneys in Boston revealed recordings of a pair of meetings King Merlin held of east coast Latin Kings brass at the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Society Social Club. The 52-year old Fat Chicky has belonged to the club going on 30 years.

Gotti wasn’t at either of the Latin Kings gatherings hosted at the club, however, the feds were provided tip-offs by informants that he helped broker the get-togethers. Per sources, Gotti has never stepped foot in the club, and has never been involved in any illegal activity with the Cecchetellis, the east coast Latin Kings nor the Genovese crime family’s Springfield operations. The Gambinos interests in the area have always fallen under the organization’s Connecticut branch.

The Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Society Social Club is the headquarters of reputed Springfield mob crew chief Albert (The Animal) Calvanese, a one-time collector for Fat Chicky’s sports book before going to prison for a loansharking conviction in 2006. Calvanese, 57, assumed control of the Springfield crew in the 2010s following his release from federal prison.

While locked up and awaiting trial in the early 2000s, Gotti made an alliance with the New York Latin Kings, according to FBI records and court filings. He was once caught on an FBI wire lamenting the lack of loyalty in the Gambinos and pontificating that he would have preferred to be a Latin King. The Cecchetellis have both pleaded not guilty to their respective pending charges and await their day in court.

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