Facing The Music Again: Patriarca Crime Family’s “Scarface” Jenkins Back In Trouble With The Law In Rhode Island


April 19, 2021 – The Face has another case.

New England mob associate Raymond (Scarface) Jenkins was recently busted for running a marijuana grow operation in Pawtucket, Rhode Island without a license. The 56-year old convicted federal felon was charged with two felony counts of perjury and two misdemeanor counts of false document-filing and conspiracy in relation to the Organic Bees cannabis cultivating business last week in state court. He pleaded not guilty and was released on bond back on Thursday.

Prosecutors claim Jenkins oversees the business that sells products to area dispensaries, a no-no due to the fact that Jenkins can’t be licensed to profit from the cannabis industry because of his criminal history. He is listed as a “trimmer” on state-regulatory filings and employs a front man according to the Rhode Island Attorney General’s Office. He did three years in federal prison for a extortion conviction from a 2011 case that included retired New England mafia don Luigi (Baby Shacks) Manocchio, a longtime Providence native.

Baby Shacks is alleged to have stepped down as boss of the Patriarca crime family in 2009. Manocchio ended up serving five years in a federal penitentiary in the case.

Scarface Jenkins was shaking down strip clubs and a used car dealership on behalf of Manocchio and the New England mob, with cash-filled tribute envelopes being delivered to the studious-looking, mild-mannered Godfather on Atwells Avenue in Federal Hill (Providence’s Little Italy), on a bi-monthly basis according to Jenkins’ May 2012 plea deal. Rhode Island State Police documents from the 1990s indicate Jenkins spawns from a crew in North Providence’s North End neighb


The current indictment pending against Jenkins contends that he would often pay himself from the business through cryptocurrency to avoid being financially linked to ownership of the company. In the past two years, the Organic Bees facility in Pawtucket has been raided more than three times and Rhode Island State Police have confiscated $500,000 of unregistered marijuana plants.

Since Baby Shacks Manocchio, 93, relinquished the reins voluntarily over a decade ago with the intention of moving to Florida, the power balance in the Patriarcas has shifted to Boston. Beantown mob figure, Carmen (The Big Cheese) DiNunzio, Baby Shacks’ one-time underboss, is the reputed boss of the New England mafia today, per sources in federal law enforcement.

Jenkins was nailed by state police for running a sports-gambling business in 2006 and did two years in the can before he took his case with Baby Shacks. A confidential informant taped Scarface Jenkins assuring higherups in the Patriarca clan that there was no way the feds were watching their movements in a wide-ranging shakedown campaign of strip clubs in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

“There’s no way they can link anything to us,” Jenkins was recording saying. “There is no proof of money. There is no proof of nothing.”

Jenkins obviously proved wrong in his assessment of the situation.

Editor’s note: One of the best in the business, award-winning investigative reporter Tim White of WPRI Fox TV, broke the news of Jenkins’ most recent run-in with the law Friday evening on his station’s nightly news broadcast.


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