Express Lane To The Joint?: Philly Pagan’s MC VP ‘Go Fast’ Gray Arrested For Kidnapping, Talk Of ’05 Murder Abounds

Robert (Go Fast) Gray, the vice-president of the Philadelphia chapter of the Pagan’s Motorcycle Gang, may be slowed down relatively soon. Indicted last month, Gray is facing a heap of time behind bars in a kidnapping for ransom case stemming from his alleged snatching and assault of former Pagan’s treasurer Vincent (Pit Stop) Pezzano back in March. The indictment claims Gray and a Pagan’s associate named Charles Oakley kidnapped Pezzano from a South Philly street corner, choked him with a belt and threatened to do him additional physical harm if he didn’t pay back a debt prior to him being thrown out of the car he was kidnapped in.

Over a decade ago, Gray was questioned by federal and state authorities in the brazen winter 2005 slaying of rival motorcycle club member, local Hells Angels acting president, Tommy (Thinker) Wood. The 36-year old Wood was shot to death behind the wheel of his gray-colored GMC pickup truck by a passing SUV as he drove westbound on the I-76 Schuylkill Expressway service drive minutes after he and fellow full-patch Hells Angel, Byron (B&E) Evans, departed Cheerleaders, an area strip bar, in the early morning hours of January 15, 2005, where they had attended a party for new club initiates.

FoxPhilly29 TV and award-winning investigative journalist Dave Schratwieser filed a fascinating report on the Gray arrest and “Thinker” Wood homicide last week. You can watch it here.

Authorities believe men traveling in a white Suburban truck opened fire on Evans, riding his Harley Davidson just ahead of Wood’s pickup and Wood was killed as he tried to use his vehicle to push the Suburban off the road in an attempt to save Evans’ life. Wood was struck in the head by a bullet and crashed into an expressway fence bordering a car dealership at around 1:30 a.m – he was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. Police found a semiautomatic pistol on the floor of Wood’s pickup, near his feet.

Traditionally a Westcoast-based organization, the notorious Hells Angels set up a chapter and clubhouse in West Philadelphia in 2004, less than a year before Wood’s murder, and immediately began tussling with the Pagan’s, historically Philly’s most prominent outlaw biker gang. Hundreds of Hells Angels representing different clubs from around the country descended on Pennsylvania for Wood’s funeral, including administrators from the “mother chapter” in California.

thinker wood

Prior to joining the Hells Angels, Wood was a Pagan and a confidant of infamous former Pagan’s Philadelphia chapter president Steve (Gorilla) Mondervergine. He was one of four high-ranking Pagan’s to “patch over” to the Hells Angels as a means of the Hells Angels jumpstarting the club’s operations in Philly. Just like “Go Fast” Gray, Mondervergine was questioned in the early stages of the Wood homicide inquiry.

Leaving the Pagan’s alongside Wood was Gorilla Mondervergine’s arch-enemy Anthony (Mint-Condition Mengie) Mengine, James (Slim Jim) Wysong and Mark (Slow Poke) Mangano. Informants told the FBI, “Mint Condition Mengie” Mengine, nicknamed for how clean he was known to keep his motorcycle and the Hells Angels’ start-up chapter’s president, was behind an assassination attempt on Mondervergine in the summer of 1999 when Mondervergine survived being shot nine times as tensions brewed at the top of the Pagan’s hierarchy. Mengine’s jailing on a parole violation in August 2004 resulted in Wood, the first Hells Angels’ Philly vice president, being bumped up to the chapter’s acting president.

In 2011, Mondervergine, an ally of Philadelphia mafia boss Joseph (Skinny Joey) Merlino, was sentenced to 4-to-10 years in prison for shooting and stabbing Tim (Casual) Flood, his successor as Pagan’s president, in a 2008 attack staged at the Pagan’s Philly headquarters. Flood, who has since entered the Federal Witness Protection Program, was trying to force Mondervergine out of the Pagan’s.

Per sources, Flood gave the Feds what he knew about the Wood murder during his debriefing sessions with the government. Authorities are hoping they can possibly get “Go Fast” Gray to do the same – prosecutors could try to put him in prison for life on his kidnapping for ransom charge.

Almost exactly two weeks preceding Wood’s killing, Hells Angels’ member Vincent (Honcho) Heinrich, was beaten by a group of Pagan’s outside the Woodshed Bar in Woodland Twp., Pennsylvania, prompting Hells Angels’ East Coast leader John (The Baptist) Lo Franco out of New York to “declare war” on the Philadelphia Pagan’s chapter, according to one federal document. Lo Franco was one of the various Hells Angels’ luminaries to pay his respects at Wood’s crowded funeral and issued a written statement via his attorney in the aftermath of the Wood slaying that despite the rumors he had not issued any threats or declarations of war towards the rival club to his followers.

The Hells Angels’ desire to plant roots in non-West Coast territory had caused issues and strife in the past. When the Hells Angels tried to come into the Midwest back in the 1990s, Outlaws MC leader Harry (Taco) Bowman, the then-Outlaws International President based out of Detroit, declared war on Hells Angels trying to do business in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana, even ordering the assassination of Hells Angels’ founder Ralph (Sonny) Barger which was never carried out.


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