Slain Chicago mob associate and insurance magnate Allen Dorfman will be portrayed by Jake Hoffman in the highly-anticipated upcoming Martin Scorsese flick,The Irishman, about the relationship between Teamsters union boss Jimmy Hoffa and east coast mafia hit man Frank (The Irishman) Sheeran. Jake Hoffman is the son of Oscar-winning actor Dustin Hoffman. The movie has been shooting in New York, New Jersey and Delaware since last summer.

Allen Dorfman was gunned down eight years after the high-profile, hard-headed Hoffa disappeared. Dorfman was just days away from being sentenced in a racketeering and bribery case he had been convicted of. He and Hoffa were indicted together for jury tampering in 1963 out of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Hoffa was found guilty, Dorfman was acquitted at trial.

On July 30, 1975, Hoffa vanished from a Bloomfield Township, Michigan restaurant parking lot in the midst of an increasingly-volatile feud with his benefactors in the mafia over control of the Teamsters, the biggest truckers union in the world. The kidnapping and murder has never been solved and Hoffa’s body has never been unearthed

Scorsese’s The Irishman boasts a ballooning budget 150,000,000 and will be released by Netflix in late 2018 or early 2019 featuring a who’s who of mob movie luminaries, including Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci and Harvey Keitel. Pacino is set to play Hoffa. DeNiro is cast as Sheeran, the Delaware Teamster goon who dubiously confessed to shooting Hoffa to death in a Northwest Detroit home in the final months of his life. The Irishman is based on the 2004 book I Heard You Paint Houses penned by Sheeran attorney and biographer Charlie Brandt. Sheeran died of natural causes in December 2003.

While Dustin Hoffman has never worked with iconic auteur Scorsese, the younger Hoffman had a supporting role in his 2013 Academy Award-nominated film The Wolf of Wall Street. He’s also known for his work on the hit Showtime television series Ray Donovan. In The Wolf of Wall Street, he played real-life shoe impresario Steve Madden.

Jake Hoffman (L) & Dustin Hoffman (R)

The 60-year old Dorfman was in charge of the Teamsters robust Central States Pension Fund, known for providing mobsters and mob-affiliated businesses millions of dollars in loans, a number of which were used to build and purchase Las Vegas casinos. At the time of his slaying, Dorfman had recently been convicted with one of Hoffa’s successors, Teamsters president Roy Williams, and Chicago mob captain Joseph (Joey the Clown) Lombardo of bribing U.S. Senator Howard Cannon.

Dorfman’s dad was trash-haulers union boss Paul (Red) Dorfman, a Detroit Jewish Purple Gang bootlegger during Prohibition turned Chicago underworld powerbroker. His father introduced him to Hoffa in the 1940s. Through his newfound connections, the insurance company he and his wife owned gained the contract rights to insure the entire Central States Pension Fund. In 1970, Dorfman, a former decorated Marine, was busted for embezzling pension fund monies and did a year in federal prison.

Like Hoffa’s murder, Dorfman’s murder remains unsolved. Dorfman was shot to death on January 23, 1983 as he left a lunch at the Lincolnwood Hyatt Hotel in suburban Chicago. Joey Lombardo’s crew is suspected of carrying out Dorfman’s hit.

Lombardo, 89, is currently behind bars serving life in prison for murdering a suspect in a pension-fund fraud case both he and Dorfman were facing in 1974. He was finally convicted of the slaying in a heavily-covered 2007 trial.

A character based on Dorfman in the 1995 Scorsese film Casino is played by comedian and actor Alan King. Dorfman’s murder is shown in the DeNiro-Pesci-starring vehicle, too. Casino was about the mob’s dominance over the Las Vegas hotel and casino industry in the 1970s and early 1980s. There was a character based on Red Dorfman in the 1992 movie Hoffa (starring Jack Nicholson as the beloved firebrand labor union chief).

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